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I've heard quite a few times that post recon/modern Living Tribunal's M-body(that golden thing with 3 faces that we normally see) was as powerful as Pre retcon Beyonder and Living Tribunal as a whole is a lot more powerful. Is this true? Or is it that more of LT's power is being shown than before? How would LT today fair against Precon Beyonder?

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Old LT and current LT are, as far as I know, the same. But way back when, the Beyonder and Molecule Man were actually above LT at the time, if memory serves.

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@JediXMan: I read somewhere that he got some kind of a power boost, or it could just seem that way since they retconnced both of them to be less powerful than Tribunal.

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Does it matter?I'm going to be blunt but marvel treats their cosmic beings like punching bags.Thor beats up galatus and he becomes the hearld of galatus.I have more respect for classic than modern.

They threat their cosmic beings like ****