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Article - http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/14/marvel-cancels-journey-into-mystery - It's been announced by the creator of JiM that the last issue will be in August. Good bye to another strong character book. On the bright side though, we still get our 8 x-men books and 8 Avengers books a month. I'm scared to think Captain Marvel may be next after this mini event that's going on right now...

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Freaking BS.That's such a shame.

Do you have a link to the announcement? I only read rumors so far.

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I posted it now, iGN announced it.

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So much for "We can haz female lead books too!".....

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Meh.Never liked it.

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Oh damnit! I was just thinking yesterday about maybe catching up with this series. :/

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The problem with large companies is that they focus on popular characters so most people don't get that much intel on the rest of the characters or titles that can be popular. Take indie companies, their titles are not well known yet, but they don't have anything else so they get the potential and they are not cancelled right away even if the sales are a bit off.

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So much for "We can haz female lead books too!".....

Well it would help if pepole bought the books

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@citizenbane said:

So much for "We can haz female lead books too!".....

Well it would help if pepole bought the books

Could it be that they now have a much more profitable female led title(X-Men) so they feel they can let a lower selling one go?

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I personally don't think it is quite as much a numbers game, for books with female leads. I didn't feel like X-men was a forced all female team book. The first issue felt pretty organic in the team makeup. I'm just hoping the Captain Marvel book will make it past the Infinity event.

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@captain_superior_blue: I don't mean it's forced, but Marvel do keep bringing up the fact that it's an all-female team, so we at least know that they're focusing on the all-female aspect.

The worrying thing about Captain Marvel is that Journey Into Mystery #655 wasn't solicited as being the final issue, but was later announced as such. That issue is apparently the end of an arc. Captain Marvel #16 is the 2nd of 2 Infinity issues, so that's sort of the end of an arc. My worry is that we could suddenly learn that #16 is the final issue.

It's been outselling Journey Into Mystery, but not by many issues, so hopefully The Enemy Within and Infinity can pull in some new readers that stick with the series.

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NOOOOOOOOOO. YIGLKLIUH I knew this was coming but ufjykfvyklgu grrRRrrRRrrRrRRrr. Why don't people buy good books, this book had freaking awesome reviews and was legit good. I can't even blame Marvel based on the umbers the book was getting since all other books selling this much and even a bit higher were all cancelled as well, kifylkygli come on comic fans!! Try and support good books that sell low and average books that are bigger in trade paper back. This will have a better positive effect on the medium.

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This is very saddening. Why couldn't Marvel just let it be?

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I bet sales dropped once Thor left the title.

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I loved it when Kid Loki was leading the title, Sif story was just boring.

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Dissapointed. When i finally had money i had been planning to try rhis and red she hulk out. Now that im on the verge of getting a job its getting cancelled :/

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Not surprising. It doesn't have "X-Men" or "Avengers" in its name.

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I knew it was going to happen -- I've kept my eyes on the numbers and so...yeah.

Very, very unhappy. Loved the book -- it had everything I wanted for Sif. They could have at least attempted bringing in the Warriors Three and see how that went considering it wasn't a solo book but an Asgardian one.


make it a double

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I loved it when Kid Loki was leading the title, Sif story was just boring.

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Kieron Gillen put it well.

Kathryn and Schiti had a nightmarishly difficult job, which they nailed. It was funny. It was human and humane. It was great. And people are singing the sadness of its particular loss already (here and here for two).

And let’s spin this to glass half full: 10 issues wasn’t bad at all.

In the same way that there were people saying that my JIM would last 8 issues, I suspect if you were the betting sort, “Sif Solo continuing from a book that was on 20k sales, without a creative team with a huge following, and no new #1” you’d have put your money on it only managing an arc.

It was something special, so beat the odds.

Think of its passing in a way I think Lady Sif may approve of:

This wasn’t a defeat. This was a victory.

And to paraphrase something from my own run:

It’s better to be good fiction for 10 issues than bad issues forever.

I raise a glass to all those who sailed the good ship Journey Into Mystery as it sets sail for Valhalla.

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@mercy_: I like what Gillen said, but it would have been much better if they decided not to cancel the series and maybe try and give Kid Loki his solo back. I dont understand the concept of cancelling a title, because the lead character isnt attracting enough attention, specially to a title that doesnt have a fixed lead character.

Thor doesnt attract enough attention you cant have another character in place of Thor in Thor solo issue, but you really can have a different character in JIM.

Bringing Loki back or giving the title to Thor, or perhaps even BRB, or anything else would have been fun.

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Was one of the best books to read if you were looking for fun story telling. I suggest to anyone even if it is getting cancelled please go out and buy the issues you will not be disappointed. I hope that one day the great team that has been working on JIM will get to take a crack at Thor.

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This really sucks!

I didn't find out about this title until a couple of months ago & I picked up #651 to try it out & I freakin loved it!

Now only to find out it's being canceled?! It's such a shame.

Another great series, gone.


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Maybe Marvel plans to launch a new series around November when the next Thor movie hits the theaters. They should have already re-launched JIM as Sif #1 at the end of last year and instead of continuing the numbering.

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That sucks. I haven't even gotten to read it yet. Looked awesome. Oh well, this should make it easier to catch up on issue then.

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Just as I was about to get into it...

Strange, I thought Marvel kept it due to being one of the "original" titles and that, similar to DCs action comic nonstop from 1930s onwards.

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sad, sad, sad day. now all that remains is that BS x-men borefest and captain marvel. capt marvel it is then.

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The economy is still on shaky ground and hence the comic industry is impacted accordingly.