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Scott Snyder,the current writer of Batman,has said that he will be doing the return of the Joker and this will be the biggest appearance of the Joker since the New 52.He appeared for a little in the end of Detective Comics #1 where he cut his face off and since then nothing.But now he will be returning to the game and will be attacking every member of the Bat-family.He'll be appearing in the main Batman series where Snyder said will be the biggest story and that you don't have to read the tie-ins to understand the story but this looks good,so we are screwed,we are going to have to see them.

So with all of these cool looking covers that were posted by DC,what do you think?Are you looking forward to this?

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Am I looking for forward to this? That's a stupid question. Of course! Snyder is awesome. Can't wait to see what the story is.

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@MrShway88:I think that he will do a wonderful job in portraying the character in the perfect way.

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This has the makings of being nothing short of outstanding!