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Many are unfamiliar with Jin Mo-Ri so here are a few of his feats that show a little of what he can do. This thread will be updated regularly and all who are willing to contribute may post as well or leave the chapter number and description of the feat and I'll post it

(for the best viewing experience, I'd recommend opening the images in a new tab since they are so large)

First couple of feats are while he was de-powered due to the loss of his memories and gourd. (He is no longer de-powered from post #9, with some exceptions)

His strikes are strong enough to create shock-waves that destroy solid earth

Blitzed an opponent with superhuman speed that was able to leave afterimages

Cause earthquakes by extending his staff (It can also grow from earth to the moon)

Effortlessly dislocates a guy's arm who had enough striking power to leave craters in the ground, then proceeds to blitz him with pressure point strikes

Dodges attacks from a guy who can leave afterimages

Dodges lightning from pointblank range

Blitzes 33 superhuman level beings instantly before they could react, then delivers a devastating strike so quick, the opponent didn't realize what happened

His first time using his staff, he extends it and one-shots multiple angels (keep in mind that a single angel can survive multiple nukes + a meteor falling on its head) and almost covered the entire country of South Korea with a massive Tsunami

Jin regains some of his memories, then calls his staff for the first time. It responds by growing, bursting through the moon all the way to earth and killing thousands of angels on it's way down.

The staff that Jin carries around has been shown to be so heavy (even when not released) that six people struggle to pull it, even on a pulley

He calls his Flying Sparrow Cloud which covers a large portion of the earth and calls down lightning, which can strike endlessly with his command, killing the host of Greed who had become a god by absorbing thousands of angels and an orb of godly power called The Key

Uses the wind pressure from his kick to rattle the brain of his opponent, rendering her useless

While extremely weakened and impaled numerous times by fang-like constructs, he blitzes the host of Greed who had later became a god

While weakened, he stomps a massive crater in the ground

Uses the techniques of previous fighters he's encountered against the host of Greed

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Moves faster than his opponent's eyes can follow. (Keep in mind that this opponent, Taek Jae-kal who has shown hypersonic reactions, covering large distances in an instant and leaving after-images)

His punch destroys a massive stone statue

Ignores getting struck by lightning and keeps on attacking, breaking the grip of a stone golem and blitzes his opponent with pressure point strikes

Tanks a self destruct explosion after his opponent realized he couldn't beat him and comes out unharmed, saving his friend

After getting both of his ears struck (which affected his balance), he fights Park Il-Pyo, a superhuman level opponent who had gathered all his weaknesses. Jin strikes him hard enough to destroy the ground & fast enough to cause a mini sonic boom from the speed of his punch, while also skillfully dodging and countering.

Blitzes another opponent, literally zooming passed him before he could react

He took and shrugged off multiple hits from a guy who hits hard enough to cause devastation to the ground

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A+ Respect thread!! Love it :)

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Thanks guys :)

Alright, It's been a while since the Mo-Ri has shown up in the releases so the thread has been on standby. More feats should be coming in the upcoming chapter but for now, a new durability feat has revealed itself lol

Jin effortlessly withstands being in lava for 49 DAYS. He even daydreams and has a conversation with himself before breaking the 8 seals that sealed him.

...More will be added soon.

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Will have to check this out have never heard of it before.

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Update: Jin has finally recovered his memories and his godly powers. Be aware that all the feats previously posted was a nerfed version of Jin Mo-Ri

As for now, since he had just been released, he only has one feat

He calls his staff and stops an attack that was previously stated on panel to be able to destroy the whole of Ore Country (take note that Ore Country is the whole planet in the Sage Realm). The attack is so large it can be seen dwarfing everything at the upper limit of the troposphere. The same attack is assumed to have ended the first Great War, considering it defeated Jin's ally, the Oxen King.

- A continuation of Jin's battle with the Royal Princes and the Heavenly realm forces.

To get a better understanding of the events taking place, let us go into the little details.

The first royal prince asks for a reconnaissance of both Jin's forces and his own

The reply then reveals that Jin only has 1500 total on his side and the Prince has 158,900 Nephilims on his side, more than a hundred times more than Jin has.

Keep in mind a Nephilim is several leagues above a common angel and an angel has shown to be able to tank a giant meteor and a nuke hitting it at the same time.

To better understand the capabilities of the Nephilims, lets see what they have done.

When the Nephilims first make their appearance the first thing we notice about them is their size. To put it plainly, they're freaking huge. Just their sword alone dwarf mountains

Their size is shown better when you see the massive swords in their hands. Notice it looks far smaller in comparison to them

The Nephilims throw their swords with such force that it splits the ground and causes magma to shoot out

Jin then proceeds to eliminate 5% of the Nephilims in one strike.

Jin makes a hundred copies of himself and attacks again, this time eliminating 98% of the opposing army

Finally, Jin calls down lightning, eliminating the remaining forces with exception of the royal princes and 318 nephilims

...More will be added later

Jin stops a giant golem's punch with a punch of his own, shattering the golem

Jin stops the punch of an even bigger golem which dwarfs the previous golem by a huge margin. Then displays an amazing strength feat by lifting the giant golem


Durability: Jin tanks punches from one of the royal princes, and the shock-wave causes the earth below to crumble

"But how strong is the Royal Prince's punch," you ask?

Let us see...

Here he punches nothing but air but the force of the punch causes an explosion similar to a small nuke and leaves a massive hole in the ground

This time he is several feet in the air and again he strikes nothing but air but the force literally rips the land apart

...These were the same punches Jin was tanking


Jin possesses striking abilities similar to that of the royal prince in the scans above.

Here he punches the royal prince so fast that he couldn't react. The punch hits so hard that it splits the clouds and forces wind into outer space. The prince has immense durability due to his skin which is made of an extremely strong holy material called Barbardium said to be even able to hold souls.

Jin ignores him and strikes a second time, this time, bypassing the prince's durability.

Still skeptical about the prince's durability? let us go back a couple of issues and see what it has tanked

Here, the prince no-sells a kick from Pandora, a host of the Key (the Key is explained in previous posts above) who had amped herself twice

More will be added later...

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I want to do a respect thread on Jin myself, Ill just take a while to finish catching up first.

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@lowlaville Take your time enjoying it, it's definitely worth the read :)


Speed: As the battle continues Jin while getting overwhelmed manages to dodge an attack from point blank range while in a tough position and appears to teleport leaving a blur

Striking: Clashes fist with the prince, which results in a massive shock-wave. Jin takes the most damage after the clash due to the prince's durable body

Striking: Jin is reminded again by the prince that he (the prince) is made from the strongest material in the heavenly realm, which is why Jin lost in their clash or fists. Jin responds with a swift kick, which moves so fast the prince is shocked. Jin negates the prince's earth shattering strike with a strike of his own

Durability: The prince responds with an attack of epic proportions. He calls down lightning and shapes it into a blade and swings down at Jin. Jin catches the attack but the sheer speed and force of the attack almost cleaves the whole planet in half

Speed: Jin runs out of energy during the final moments of the fight but still manages to parry they Prince's final strike and proceeds to blitz him


Durability: After his long fight and while weakened, he tanks an explosion that levels everything and leaves a massive hole in the planet that can be seen from outer space

...More will be added later


Shows the ability to manipulate his cloud and fly with it

Speed / Flight: He makes a clone of himself and covers the distance of 1000 KM in in a few seconds. (It was specified that the portal at his destination was to remain open for only a minute but due to the events delaying Jin and the one opening the portal being attacked,the portal closed quicker than specified)

Shows the ability to place any and everyone in a magical space akin to a pocket dimension (his Gourd)

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Thread has been moved to the Gen. Discussion forum in order to be more accessible

Jin de-powers himself to fight fairly with his opponent in order to settle a score from their previous generation.

Jin reacts and counters a blitz from the host of the Key, Lee Soo-Jin (Pandora) in what looks to be implied happened in fractions of a second. The force of her approaching kick can been seen slicing falling boulders in half as it reaches Jin

(Jin evaded using a technique used on him in the past after seeing/experiencing it once then countered using his own techniques)

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Sun Wukong y sus inspiraciones OP

Buen pots n.n

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Jin faces the King of the Heavenly realm for the first time and the Kings freezes Jin with Telekinesis and attempts to put him to sleep with Telepathy but Jin resists it (Note that the King is by far the most powerful in the story so far. Also note that this Jin Mo-Ri is a clone created by Jin)

It is revealed that the King is seriously straining in his attempt to put Jin to sleep with his Telepathy but Jin still resists

Jin is skilled enough to heal with his pressure point strikes and has shown he can disable a persons movement with it as well