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Many are unfamiliar with Jin Mo-Ri so here are a few of his feats that show a little of what he can do. This thread will be updated regularly and all who are willing to contribute may post as well or leave the chapter number and description of the feat and I'll post it

(for the best viewing experience, I'd recommend opening the images in a new tab since they are so large)

First couple of feats are while he was de-powered due to the loss of his memories and gourd. (He is no longer de-powered from post #9, with some exceptions)

His strikes are strong enough to create shock-waves that destroy solid earth

Blitzed an opponent with superhuman speed that was able to leave afterimages

Cause earthquakes by extending his staff (It can also grow from earth to the moon)

Effortlessly dislocates a guy's arm who had enough striking power to leave craters in the ground, then proceeds to blitz him with pressure point strikes

Dodges attacks from a guy who can leave afterimages

Dodges lightning from pointblank range

Blitzes 33 superhuman level beings instantly before they could react, then delivers a devastating strike so quick, the opponent didn't realize what happened

His first time using his staff, he extends it and one-shots multiple angels (keep in mind that a single angel can survive 567 nukes + a meteor hitting it simultaneously) and almost covered the entire country of South Korea with a massive Tsunami

Jin regains some of his memories, then calls his staff for the first time. It responds by growing, bursting through the moon all the way to earth and killing thousands of angels on it's way down.

The staff that Jin carries around has been shown to be so heavy (even when not released) that six people struggle to pull it, even on a pulley

He calls his Flying Sparrow Cloud which covers a large portion of the earth and calls down lightning, which can strike endlessly with his command, killing the host of Greed who had become a god by absorbing thousands of angels and an orb of godly power called The Key

Uses the wind pressure from his kick to rattle the brain of his opponent, rendering her useless

While extremely weakened and impaled numerous times by fang-like constructs, he blitzes the host of Greed who had later became a god

While weakened, he stomps a massive crater in the ground

Uses the techniques of previous fighters he's encountered against the host of Greed

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Moves faster than his opponent's eyes can follow. (Keep in mind that this opponent, Taek Jae-kal who has shown hypersonic reactions, covering large distances in an instant and leaving after-images)

His punch destroys a massive stone statue

Ignores getting struck by lightning and keeps on attacking, breaking the grip of a stone golem and blitzes his opponent with pressure point strikes

Tanks a self destruct explosion after his opponent realized he couldn't beat him and comes out unharmed, saving his friend

After getting both of his ears struck (which affected his balance), he fights Park Il-Pyo, a superhuman level opponent who had gathered all his weaknesses. Jin strikes him hard enough to destroy the ground & fast enough to cause a mini sonic boom from the speed of his punch, while also skillfully dodging and countering.

Blitzes another opponent, literally zooming passed him before he could react

He took and shrugged off multiple hits from a guy who hits hard enough to cause devastation to the ground

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A+ Respect thread!! Love it :)

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Thanks guys :)

Alright, It's been a while since the Mo-Ri has shown up in the releases so the thread has been on standby. More feats should be coming in the upcoming chapter but for now, a new durability feat has revealed itself lol

Jin effortlessly withstands being in lava for 49 DAYS. He even daydreams and has a conversation with himself before breaking the 8 seals that sealed him.

...More will be added soon.

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Will have to check this out have never heard of it before.

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Update: Jin has finally recovered his memories and his godly powers. Be aware that all the feats previously posted was a nerfed version of Jin Mo-Ri

As for now, since he had just been released, he only has one feat

He calls his staff and stops an attack that was previously stated on panel to be able to destroy the whole of Ore Country (take note that Ore Country is the whole planet in the Sage Realm). The attack is so large it can be seen dwarfing everything at the upper limit of the troposphere. The same attack is assumed to have ended the first Great War, considering it defeated Jin's ally, the Oxen King.

- A continuation of Jin's battle with the Royal Princes and the Heavenly realm forces.

To get a better understanding of the events taking place, let us go into the little details.

The first royal prince asks for a reconnaissance of both Jin's forces and his own

The reply then reveals that Jin only has 1500 total on his side and the Prince has 158,900 Nephilims on his side, more than a hundred times more than Jin has.

Keep in mind a Nephilim is several leagues above a common angel and an angel has shown to be able to tank a giant meteor and 567 nukes hitting it at the same time.

To better understand the capabilities of the Nephilims, lets see what they have done.

When the Nephilims first make their appearance the first thing we notice about them is their size. To put it plainly, they're freaking huge. Just their sword alone dwarf mountains

Their size is shown better when you see the massive swords in their hands. Notice it looks far smaller in comparison to them

The Nephilims throw their swords with such force that it splits the ground and causes magma to shoot out

Jin then proceeds to eliminate 5% of the Nephilims in one strike.

Jin makes a hundred copies of himself and attacks again, this time eliminating 98% of the opposing army

Finally, Jin calls down lightning, eliminating the remaining forces with exception of the royal princes and 318 nephilims

...More will be added later

Jin stops a giant golem's punch with a punch of his own, shattering the golem

Jin stops the punch of an even bigger golem which dwarfs the previous golem by a huge margin. Then displays an amazing strength feat by lifting the giant golem


Durability: Jin tanks punches from one of the royal princes, and the shock-wave causes the earth below to crumble

"But how strong is the Royal Prince's punch," you ask?

Let us see...

Here he punches nothing but air but the force of the punch causes an explosion similar to a small nuke and leaves a massive hole in the ground

This time he is several feet in the air and again he strikes nothing but air but the force literally rips the land apart

...These were the same punches Jin was tanking


Jin possesses striking abilities similar to that of the royal prince in the scans above.

Here he punches the royal prince so fast that he couldn't react. The punch hits so hard that it splits the clouds and forces wind into outer space. The prince has immense durability due to his skin which is made of an extremely strong holy material called Barbardium said to be even able to hold souls.

Jin ignores him and strikes a second time, this time, bypassing the prince's durability.

Still skeptical about the prince's durability? let us go back a couple of issues and see what it has tanked

Here, the prince no-sells a kick from Pandora, a host of the Key (the Key is explained in previous posts above) who had amped herself twice

More will be added later...

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I want to do a respect thread on Jin myself, Ill just take a while to finish catching up first.

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@lowlaville Take your time enjoying it, it's definitely worth the read :)


Speed: As the battle continues Jin while getting overwhelmed manages to dodge an attack from point blank range while in a tough position and appears to teleport leaving a blur

Striking: Clashes fist with the prince, which results in a massive shock-wave. Jin takes the most damage after the clash due to the prince's durable body

Striking: Jin is reminded again by the prince that he (the prince) is made from the strongest material in the heavenly realm, which is why Jin lost in their clash or fists. Jin responds with a swift kick, which moves so fast the prince is shocked. Jin negates the prince's earth shattering strike with a strike of his own

Durability: The prince responds with an attack of epic proportions. He calls down lightning and shapes it into a blade and swings down at Jin. Jin catches the attack but the sheer speed and force of the attack almost cleaves the whole planet in half

Speed: Jin runs out of energy during the final moments of the fight but still manages to parry they Prince's final strike and proceeds to blitz him


Durability: After his long fight and while weakened, he tanks an explosion that levels everything and leaves a massive hole in the planet that can be seen from outer space

...More will be added later


Shows the ability to manipulate his cloud and fly with it

Speed / Flight: He makes a clone of himself and covers the distance of 1000 KM in in a few seconds. (It was specified that the portal at his destination was to remain open for only a minute but due to the events delaying Jin and the one opening the portal being attacked,the portal closed quicker than specified)

Shows the ability to place any and everyone in a magical space akin to a pocket dimension (his Gourd)

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Thread has been moved to the Gen. Discussion forum in order to be more accessible

Jin de-powers himself to fight fairly with his opponent in order to settle a score from their previous generation.

Jin reacts and counters a blitz from the host of the Key, Lee Soo-Jin (Pandora) in what looks to be implied happened in fractions of a second. The force of her approaching kick can been seen slicing falling boulders in half as it reaches Jin

(Jin evaded using a technique used on him in the past after seeing/experiencing it once then countered using his own techniques)

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Sun Wukong y sus inspiraciones OP

Buen pots n.n

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Jin faces the King of the Heavenly realm for the first time and the Kings freezes Jin with Telekinesis and attempts to put him to sleep with Telepathy but Jin resists it (Note that the King is by far the most powerful in the story so far. Also note that this Jin Mo-Ri is a clone created by Jin)

It is revealed that the King is seriously straining in his attempt to put Jin to sleep with his Telepathy but Jin still resists

Jin is skilled enough to heal with his pressure point strikes and has shown he can disable a persons movement with it as well

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I overlooked quite a bit of feats in previous issues. I'll post as much as I can

Note that Jin is depowered in the feats below, due to this being from past issues before he got stronger

Jin battles an opponent with insane healing factor. He showed the ability to heal from near death in seconds and heal broken bones instantly, boosting his life force in the process. Also note that while Jin battles his opponent, Jin is simultaneously getting bombarded by a high pitched sonic attack, which scrambles the brain....plus the added fact that Jin is weakened and tired from a previous fight.

Speed: Jin hits his opponent with numerous pressure point strikes before he can react or even realize Jin had struck him, which results in a KO

Durability/Speed: Jin fights the next opponent who controls sonic sound waves. Jin's opponent (Myung Moon-Dae) points out and compliments Jin's durability on handling his sonic attacks which harm the brain. Jin proceeds to blitz his opponent as soon as the fight begins and defeating him.

Skill: Jin Mo-Ri hits Myung Moon-Dae with a palm strike which scrambles his brain

Skill: It is then later revealed that the damage from Jin's attack was such that even Nano-healing (medical tech that heals at the molecular level) couldn't heal Jin's opponent.The damage is only later healed by magic

Speed: Dodges multiple sword swings from a bade controlled by telekinesis and blitz his opponent

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the flash

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Note that this is one of the clones created by Jin. He is significantly weaker than the real Jin Mo-Ri

Jin's clone battles a wind manipulator. His winds are powerful enough to slice buildings in half.

Durability: Jin's opponent cause a tornado to form under him, which suspends him in the air. He is then hit with a arrow-like wind construct which sends Jin crashing through and destroying multiple skyscrapers but Jin comes out unharmed.

Six more arrows are shot at Jin's clone but he activates his god powers and stops them

As Jin's opponent realizes he can't defeat him at his current state, he releases his full powers and begins to overwhelm Jin's clone. He fires arrow constructs that emit flames that can't be extinguished at Jin but Jin blocks with his staff.

Jin's clone blocks a more powerful attack from the Bishop, which destroy's his staff, causing a massive explosion. Jin endures the explosion but is weakened. He is then revealed by the Bishop to be a clone who is weaker than the real Jin Mo-Ri, but he acknowledges the clone's power considering it's just a mere clone of Jin. (Note that Jin has previously shown to be able to create 100 of these clones at a time)

@etheral_dreams @lowlaville

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@unbreakable_fs4: I knew it was a clone.

Anyway, it seems that R should be multi city block level considering all his feats are casual.

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@etheral_dreams: Yeah, he's without a doubt a casual multi-city block level opponent. Also, I'm kinda glad it's a clone cause now that's all the proof I need to know that the real Jin was in that planetary explosion. I'll hold out to see if he tanked it though lol

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@lowlaville: Agreed, and no problem. I'll be sure to tag you guys from now on :)

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What can't this guy do?

Nice respect thread btw.

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@unbreakable_fs4: Yeah me too, lol.

Did you calculate the speed of the Third Prince's Lightning Blade?

I did and I got relativistic speeds.

If the Sage Realm is the size of Earth (I assumed it was) the shockwave covered half the circumference of the planet (roughly 12451 miles) in less than a second (considering Jin couldn't barely reacted to it and he dodged lightning bolts at a distance of roughly half a foot when he was in base, [0.0000015219 seconds. Jin reacted in that timeframe in base.] the Lightning Blade should have struck at speeds faster than that).

So 12451 miles in 3 microseconds (I'm going to say since Jin barely reacted, the LB struck in a time frame about 5 times shorter, so 0.0000015219/5 or roughly 3 microseconds).

So FTL Lightning Blade?

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@eisenfauste: Thanks. I know right. He's seriously versatile

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@etheral_dreams: Damn nice calc man. I completely agree that is covered half the planet in little to no time but I do have to disagree on the size of the planet. The planet looks more like the size of Mars than Earth

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@unbreakable_fs4: Yeah, I was originally going to use Mars or Mercury, but I decided I would calc a high end. Low end (Mercury sized planet or a moon the size of Ganymede)

Half Circumference of Mercury: Roughly 4,763 miles.

Time: Estimated 3 microseconds.

Speed: 4,763/.0000003 seconds or roughly 16,000,000,000 miles/1 second.

Classification: Massively FTL.

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@unbreakable_fs4: Yeah, I was originally going to use Mars or Mercury, but I decided I would calc a high end. Low end (Mercury sized planet or a moon the size of Ganymede)

Half Circumference of Mercury: Roughly 4,763 miles.

Time: Estimated 3 microseconds.

Speed: 4,763/.0000003 seconds or roughly 16,000,000,000 miles/1 second.

Classification: Massively FTL.

This seems fairly accurate. Also considering the Lightning Blade was caught mid-swing by Jin, his high end reaction would be equivalent to the results here. Though, I wouldn't rely too much on his reaction being this due to the fact there was no time fame given and you know how picky people can get on here lol

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@unbreakable_fs4: Lol yeah. When I mention it I usually lowball it A LOT and say low end relativistic speeds. Same with the Ruyi Jingu Bang's extension speeds.

On another note, would you say Nephilim have continent level durability? Considering a relatively weak one (made from a Charyeok) tanked a magical nuke with energy of nearly 567 nukes (stated to be enough to wipe out the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding area, even before its power was enhanced by alchemy) as well as 9-12 meteorites all easily 10 miles in size (the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs all over the planet was only 6 miles wide).

And to think Jin was one shotting thousands...

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@etheral_dreams said:

@unbreakable_fs4: Lol yeah. When I mention it I usually lowball it A LOT and say low end relativistic speeds. Same with the Ruyi Jingu Bang's extension speeds.

On another note, would you say Nephilim have continent level durability? Considering a relatively weak one (made from a Charyeok) tanked a magical nuke with energy of nearly 567 nukes (stated to be enough to wipe out the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding area, even before its power was enhanced by alchemy) as well as 9-12 meteorites all easily 10 miles in size (the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs all over the planet was only 6 miles wide).

And to think Jin was one shotting thousands...

lol man, now I'm hearing it again, that's one ridiculous durability feat for the Nephilims and huge damage output feat for Jin.

Without a doubt they have continent level durability considering what they tank. Also the only thing other object than Jin that I can recall significantly harming them was their own sword, which has been shown to dwarf mountains by a huge margin

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@unbreakable_fs4 I tried calculating the exact size of Oraeguk (the Sage Realm planet) and this is what I got.

If you look back at chapter 109, wee get an orbital view of Asia, as well as the Flying Sparrow Cloud which covers it.

The northernmost portion of the cloud reaches Northeastern Russia. Using Google Maps, I found where this place would be either: Komsomolsk-on-Amur or Комсомольск-на-Амуре, Russia or a place in central Sakhalin (the island above Japan off the coast of Russia).

The southernmost (well, southernmost fully visible portion of the cloud) is clearly in the Indochina Peninsula, but where exactly? It's definitely more inland than Vietnam, which lies on the immediate coast, however, it's not as far inland as Thailand. It seems farther north than Cambodia, but it's still pretty south, so I have one logical choice: Laos.

The city closest to the region seen on this map would be Ban Nape in central Laos. Once again I used Google Maps as well as Wikipedia and various other websites to prove this.

Distance from Laos to the potential area in Russia?

Roughly 5000 km or 3107 miles.

Half of that (since I'm calculating the area of the cloud as an ellipse, I need the half the height or the b axis) is 1553.5 miles.

The a axis or width will be half the distance from the two farthest points of the cloud. That distance is approximately the same length as the height + twice the length of Japan, or 3417.61. Half of that is rough 1709 miles.

Final Area of the Ellipse (cloud) is: 8.34 x 10^6 (8,340,000) square miles, give or take a few thousand miles (though that's not much at this scale).

This means its bigger than India and Russia put together or even all of South America. This makes sense as it was mistaken for a moving part of the atmosphere. Keep in mind that this isn't the entire cloud. Mori was only able to summon part of it this time and I'm only scaling the parts that we can see its likely much bigger (implied to have covered all of Asia and it seems to stretch to Australia).

In the bottom panel we see that Mori manifested the cloud in its entirety and it only covers part of the Ore Country, which has been established as the northern continent in the planet of the Sage Realm.

This means the Ore Country is likely nearly 10 million square miles, which makes sense because an attack meant to destroy just that country would've taken out a good portion of the Northern Hemisphere on the Sage Realm planet.

I later scaled where the rest of the Ore Country was in comparison to the rest of the planet.

The blue area I shaded in is where the Ore Country seems to be.

If that area is, let's say, around 10 million square miles, than the surface area of the entire planet could be over a 100 million square miles, making it much larger than Mars or Mercury, and about 50-60% the size of Earth.

Which means the circumference is higher, which also means the speed and power from the Lightning Blade goes up.

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@etheral_dreams: wow, that's a lot of work lol. Impressive analysis. So it's pretty safe to assume it's half the size of Earth then. No complaints from me :)

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I did another calc because I was bored, lol. I decided to try to find the mass of the Ruyi Jingu Bang when it stretched from the moon to earth (it changes mass at different sizes).

Formula for Finding Mass of a Cylinder:

M=V x D

V= πr2xh

Height: Approximately 240,000 miles.

Radius: Diameter of the Ruyi Jingu Bang is about 1/15 - 1/12 that of the moon's. I'll just use 1/15 too keep it somewhat low, meaning the radius is approximately 144 miles.

After doing calculations and converting to cm3 you get:

Volume: 1.63×1023 cm3

Densityof Steel (steel is an obvious choice and best comparison for the material):7.85 g/cm3

Mass: 1.2795×1021(1,279,500,000,000,000,000,000) kilograms or 2.81501 × 1021 (2,815,010,00,000,000,000,000) pounds.


Mass of Dwarf Planet 4 Vesta: 258.9 x 1018 kilograms.

Mass of Dwarf Planet Ceres: 895.8 x 1018 kilograms.

Mass of the Moon: 7.34767309 x 1022 kilograms.

Mass of Mars: 6.4185 x 1023 kilograms

Mass of the Earth: 5.97219 x 1024 kilograms.

In other words, the Ruyi Jingu Bang at the size it was first shown has mass far greater than the largest asteroids in the Solar System/the dwarf planets Ceres and 4 Vesta combined.

Later in the series, Jin made it much bigger and was lifting it with one arm. This means his strength is in league with some comic book heavy weights.

Kinetic Energy:

The RJB was moving at FTL speeds, roughly 240,000 miles in a 1/3 of a second (the amount of time it takes to blink; remember the RJB hit Earth before Han or Jin could blink.) This is equal to 2,592,000,000 mph or 1,158,727,680 meters per second. Given the mass and speed, the kinetic energy of the staff is: 8.589602328357372e+38joules. This is a lot, and I mean a lot. Much, much greater than the Earth’s entire rotational energy when spinning on its own axis (2.138 x 1029 joules) added to the planet’s gravitational binding energy (the amount of energy needed to be reached/surpassed to planet bust) which is 2.24 x 1032 joules. This further proves that the RJB is planet level (large planet level at that), which was already evident due to the fact that Jin Mo-Ri used it too one-shot thousands of Nephilim, each of which who have continent level durability.


This is the image I used to scale the diameter of the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

On a side note, those giant structures on the moon (they should be country sized) were completely destroyed just by the energy of the shockwave RJB caused by extending to Earth and then shrinking.

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Jin's clone reveals that he is on average, less than half of the real Jin's power. He can use the real Jin's power at max for 4-5 minutes. This is a testament to the real Jin's capabilities if with less than half of Jin Mo-Ri's power, the clone could tank attacks that destroy several skyscrapers and an explosion that destroys a good portion of a city.

Jin's clone goes on to point out that his power grows the closer he is to the real Jin Mo-Ri.

This as well attests to Jin Mo-Ri's range of control in regard to his reach of power while materializing a clone of himself. This is due to the fact that the real Jin is in another dimension while his clone resides on earth, but yet his clone still possesses superhuman level stats considering his power is relative to his proximity to the real Jin.

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