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So I read online that Jensen Ackles was interviewed at Comic-Con 2013 about his interest in Batman after the Man of Steel 2 announcement. He even showed up wearing a batman shirt lol. But when interviewed, he noted that he's very interested, though he won't hold his breath. Which is understandable, since he was so close to becoming Captain America over Chris Evans. (Who was fine for the role, so I'm not hating.)

I just think that Jensen finally needs to shine. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Supernatural fan. I've been shooting for this guy since I seem him on Smallville to be something big. Though his character in Supernatural is what drew to beileve he'd be a great choice for Batman. And I have my reasons.

Firstly, the guy has the voice. As most of you may know, he did voice Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood. And when you listen.. It has a very brutish-rough tone to it, similar to Kevin Conroy in a way. Yet he can kind've mellow it out a bit, but still let you know he's serious. Much like Bruce Greenwood.

Secondly, he's at the age requirements. Jensen Ackles is 35 years old. Which is just 5 years over Henry Cavill. Which is ok, because respectively Batman should be a little older than superman. So you have to guys that can carry a franchise, and still look as good as ever 10 years down the road.

Next, look at the similarities of Bruce Wayne and Jensens character Dean on Supernatural. Dean Winchester loses his mother at a very young age, and his father is mostly absent in his life even following to his eventual death. Both of these events made an impact on his life as a protector. To relinquish evil, so that noone would ever have to go through what he did. Much like Bruce Wayne, and his reasons for becoming Batman in a sense. You really see Dean Winchester go through some dark stages through its 9 years. Making his trust very hard to earn when it comes to his teammates, even his own brother. Much like Batman and his Justice League commrads.

Next I want to speak of his Bruce Wayne. As you can tell from any role Ackles has ever played in..the female crowd just can't resist him. And let be honest, he's a good looking dude. So is Bruce Wayne. He's a charmer, much like Bruce Wayne. He's believable as a rich playboy. And could honestly could be just as good, if not better than Bales portrayal of Bruce. (Which would be hard but who knows.)

He's in great shape, he's no stranger to action, he has great range, he has the chin (because every great Batman needs a strong chin), he's young enough to lead a franchise for many years to come, and honestly I could see him as the dark knight. Now if you don't see it, that's fine. No need for any hate comments...I just think he was molded to play this character. And I really hope he gets his shot at being an A-Lister soon.

Btw here's the link if you guys wanna see the interview http://www.movieweb.com/news/supernaturals-jensen-ackles-wants-to-play-batman-in-man-of-steel-2-batman-vs-superman

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He'd need to be more muscular.

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@dagmar_merrill: Dude he's already pretty built. He's actually a bit bigger than Bale.

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@commander_kane: I never considered him before first heard about it but when I did hear about it I have been pulling for him ever since

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@commander_kane: Really? I just looked him up and he doesn't look bigger then Bale. Maybe the picture I saw was old.

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He could do it.

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I can see it happening.

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@dagmar_merrill: I actually had to look it up myself detail wise. He's a tad but taller than bale(only by an inch or so really), but around the same build. He's kind've a health and fitness nut, so getting a bit stronger shouldn't be a problem.

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I wouldn't hate the choice. But I wouldn't think its automatically the best one. I have watched Supernatural (which needs to end sooner rather than later, the writing is getting increasingly worse) since the start and there are definitely some brilliant moments from Jensen.

Sometimes TV acting doesn't translate to movie acting and that would worry me. I'd be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I saw him in action.

So yeah. Not my first choice. But I wouldn't hate it immediately either.

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@fallschirmjager: totally respectful of your opinion, and I agree. Not everyone can make that transition, but every actor gets there start somewhere. And the fact that he was only second to Chris Evans shows he impressed somebody somewhere. So he could have what it takes.

And don't even get me started with where supernatural is going..I agree it's getting very stale. If they don't shock me early on in the next season..I don't see it going much father than it already is. But I have confidence in Kripke and Singer. They've saved the show before.

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I wouldnt hate the choice.

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Jensen Ackles would be awesome but I think hes just a bit too short. Look wise I think Jared Padaleki is the better match from the Winchester boys especially considering how huge he gotten since the start of Supernatural. I do like Jensen better as an actor though so its a tough choice.

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@noj: Well no, Jensen is actually a bit taller than Bale. So he's certainly not to short for the role. I thought that myself before I looked it up. And as much as I love Jared..and I agree he's become freakishly big. But batman can't be 6'4 lol. He can't be taller than Cavill..it would look to silly. Plus Jared kinda over does it sometimes when he tries to be deep. Just my opinion though.

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Jensen will always be Red Hood in my eyes.

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@the_stegman: Sadly we'll most likely never see a live action adaptation of Red Hood. And even if we did see it soon, he would be to old to play Jason. But he's the perfect age to play Batman, so that'd be close enough.

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@commander_kane: wow hes serisouly that tall?! I had no idea and ive watched like 6 seasons of Supernatural (fell behind a bit and need to catch up). I guess its just because Jared is that much taller I assumed Jensen was short

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@noj: haha yeah dont feel bad i thought the same exact thing at one point. when you look at them next to eachother jensen looks like a small fry

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I like Jensen, but he doesn't really strike me as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

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But he's Jason Todd.

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I think he can do it. But I haven't see much of him to properly judge. We'll just have to see!

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I can see that.

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I personally thought he would be a FAR better Venom/Eddie Brock Jr. Whenever I read Venom: Lethal Protector or his mid-2000s run or any other Venom comic book I always imagine it in Ackles voice. Plus, he kind of looks the part too. Much rather see him as Venom than Batman.

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@spideyivydaredevilfan26: I agree he'd be an amazing venom too. Like near perfect, but him as batman is a much more likely scenario. Though as long as he gets some comic book love I'd be happy none the less.

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I have always said he would make a good batman and he has worked with dc and warner brothers before because he was the voice for jason todd in the under the hood. He's a very charismatic actor and he would be perfect because you can see in supernatural he can pull off the womanizer bruce wayne yet when he gets serious it doesn't seem cheesy or like a wrong transition he seems like a total BA. He would be my choice to play the batman.

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Alright, alright. This is amazing and I think Jensen would completely own the role. That may be coming from a biased opinion due to being a massive Supernatural fan but Jensen is a fantastic actor, he definitely has the chops to play Bruce Wayne and Batman and the attitude to go against a character like Superman.

Although, I always did think that Jensen would play a better Matt Murdock or Aquaman.

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I really enjoy these threads because you see so much of the comic community discussing who their favorite batman would be. Hate him or love him you know its a bit fun to think about who your best pick for him would be. If jensen does get the role ill be the happiest person ever.

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Not a bad pick

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@deranged_midget: I couldn't agree with that more. I mean I feel as if I'm a bit biased because of my huge following of supernatural. But really in a way I'm not. Because I stated clear facts on why I think he'd be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. Could someone do better than him? I'm sure a few select actors could. But an unselfish actor such a jensen deserves a chance at something big. I was gunning for him to earn that Captain America role over Chris Evans. Though he didnt get it, being in the top 3 choices says a lot about him. I agree, seeing him as Batman or DD would be a dream come true.

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Everytime I see his 6'0" frame (which surprisingly is only 1 inch shorter than Henry Carvill) next to his costar's 6'4" frame he looks small in comparison. Also I'm not confident of his MA action skills.

There are other reasons but I'm just not feeling him for the part. I am a huge fan of his because of Supernatural though.

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He just got that Jason Todd feel to him, even without UTRH

though I'd be cool if he plays Bruce especially if it's a younger Bruce

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i want jensen ackles for guy gardner

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@dernman: well he's the same height as Cavill at 6'1 actually (and about an inch or so taller than bale), so I mean the height isn't really an issue. And action scenes could always be stunt doubled. It's especially easy to stunt double batman since most of his body is covered bulky black battle armor lol. Only thing showing is his mouth and chin.

But i feel you, it's your opinion. I was a little iffy at first myself about a few things but I think he could pull it off if he truly wants this role.

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I can see him as GL not as Batwayne

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@dernman: Well Jensen and Jared both had to take some MA training for Supernatural. Now how good is he well he mentioned he took care of some drunk rowdy guys in an interview.

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I want to see Jensen Ackles in this role.If you watched supernatural or even if you didn't you can tell he will make batman look more badass

and i don't really care if he is not the right fit for some people but i think he is

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I see him more as Jason Todd than anyone else to be honest. He could definitely pull that role off.

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Clearly he is better suited to play Flash.

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i have no problem with it but he could play red hood (again :P ) or

@doomdoomdoom said:

Clearly he is better suited to play Flash.

freakin love jensen ackles , ever since i started watching Supernatural which is my favorite tv series.

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He would make for a great comic book character, but I don't see him as Batman.

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@doomdoomdoom: Didn't even notice my post continued lol. Totally agree, I think he'd be absolutely perfect for this role. Though I still believe he could've pulled off Batman..especially better than affleck can.