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Poll: Jaw Lee vs Esad Ribic (15 votes)

Jae 27%
Esad 73%

Who is the better artist IYO

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Damn auto correct. I meant Jae Lee!

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Esad Ribic for me.

His work on Thor is already legendary. His work gives new meaning to the word 'epic'.

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@extremis said:

Esad Ribic for me.

His work on Thor is already legendary. His work gives new meaning to the word 'epic'.


Jae Lee's art becomes annoying after a while

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Jaw Lee FTW

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@extremis: his work is already 'legendary'? Hyperbole much?

Jae Lee wins, he's been at it for a long time and even though his work has been lazy in the later years he is versatile. I have some of the Trasformers/GIJoe books he did a long time ago and they were really good. And his covers are always eye catching.

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Ribic. Goddammit he's f*cking amazing.

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Jae Lee is a bit hit or miss for me whereas Esad Ribic is consistently great.

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Jae Lee. He's amazing, especially his earlier stuff, such as The Sentry.

Not a fan of Ribic's faded, painted, almost chalky looking art.

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Ugh.. I love them both for totally opposite reasons.. Ribic for his soft transitions and Jae for his high contrast..

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Ribic all day!

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I love them both and it is really hard for me to decide but Esad Ribic.

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Ribic by a mile.

Jae Lee's good, but his style is an acquired taste, and I can't read too much of it.

Ribic's work, especially when paired with colorist Dean White, is superb. I haven't read his GoT stuff, but his Ultimates pencils are incredible. Sleek, futuristic no-frills aesthetic, it feels very European and set a new look for the Ultimates relaunch.

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This is a hard one. I love Lee but still Ribic's art is a masterpiece.

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Re-read some issues of Thor:GoT and Batman/Superman to help make up my mind.. and it did..