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I have been thinking about how MCU could squeeze comic myths into Avengers 2 Ultron.

My theory, Tony gives up being Iron man so leaves the super hero business to Jarvis or another AI which he puts into a Safe armour with the ability of changing shape around any person in order to protect them, one size fits all, which is made up of adamantium plates (assuming not owned by fox) and and all kinds of funky abilities.

This AI could then go wrong and create an army of iron man armours with which to take over the world...

Anyone else got any theories?

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I think this could potentially happen....

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I know that the main theory everyone has settled on is that Jarvis is Ultron (doesn't seem likely anymore due to James Spader being cast as Ultron) but I have to say, Jarvis becoming Ultron sounds really silly... Jarvis is and always has been the loyal AI to Tony since Iron Man 1 - according to a prelude-MCU comic, JARVIS was created by Tony in memory of his parents' old butler (the Jarvis we know from the comics)... As I said, mixing that story with turning into an international-terrorist-robot sounds silly.

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@_maven_: no it doesn't sound silly, well done on knowing your stuff though, the original Jarvis was a big character in the original Ultron stories, all I foresee that instead of brain washing Jarvis, that Ultron is some sort of bug... Alien virus... An update to far... It doesn't really matter, what matters is that Ultron could turn JARVIS into a baddy the same as it did Jarvis, maybe Ultron won't be an AI in avengers 2 but a plot devis that turns Tony Starks best friend and super suit against him and the rest of the Avengers. thus adding the same tension as the original... see scan http://www.comicvine.com/images/1300-3305722

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Oops forgot why I was posting, I was going to add that they could follow the comic books and have pepper pots replace Jarvis as the traitor? If JARVIS is installed in her rescue suit, this could be combined with the safe armour and use either name in the film... jARVIs could then turn evil and brainwash the person in the suit, both JARVIS and Pepper Potts could have big reveals oh no Ultron and the Chrimson Cowl are actually dum dum duuuuuum.... Saying that as much as I love that idea, it would totally ripuin the film... Maybe how's a good time to stop guessing, already ruined sixth sense before it came out... Don't want to do that again lol

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Interesting theory

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i was already thinking ultron would be more like a skynet thing like the terminator series than an actual robot but this will prolly happen instead

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@hillbillymorangie: Ultron should be presented as a bug/virus, sort of like the ghost in the machine of Jarvis, wherein a component of his AI mutates and becomes Ultron. I like your idea about how Tony gives up Iron man and uses the Suit plus AI alone, that's a great way to do it, and since Joss has said it bleeds into A2's plot, I think you maybe on to something here.

Or perhaps the AI is an entirely new creation, designed specifically for combat.

I feel like Pepper would have an integral role as well, considering Ultron's relationship with Janet in the comics.

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It's a nice theory but I'm still hoping that Hank Pym and Tony work together on making Ultron and goes haywire and skynet on them. It will still give Hank his credit for creating Ultron and Tony can be the one who finished it.