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According to a couple of web sites,,Jamie Foxx is slated to play electro in the next Spider-Man film..I personally think this is stupid,,when I think of electro I don't think of Django unchained,,this is an affirmative action hire and it just alienates fans of the original character by completely changing an established persons race. They did this multiple times now and I feel it's unfair on all people deserve characters too, not just a hand me down white guy. To me this is comparable to a child who is sick of an old toy so he just pawns it off on his less fortunate friend, it's a nice gesture but how about a new toy.IMHO this shows that writers and producers don't care about creating black characters and would rather take a shortcut and pawn off a white character,, Do you agree in hand me down characters or do you think they deserve some new characters of their own not just used goods?

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@Bane_of_sith:I think creating a new villain for a Spider-Man film would probably be a mistake, as there are loads to choose from, and creating a new one just for a film would probably just annoy people.

I don't know loads about Electro, but Jamie Foxx does seem like kind of an odd choice. Changing someones' race is alright if it works well though. Michael Clarke Duncan was a pretty cool Kingpin after all.

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I love Michael Clark Duncan but IMO he wasnt a very good kingpin,,I just think if they want to have a black character in a film, choose one that exists or marvel should get on the ball and make some black rogues and heroes

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@Bane_of_sith:I agree, creating more diversity in the comics would be the best move.

If there's a shortage of black villains, they could include a team up with a black hero. It could be cool to see Luke Cage in a Spider-Man film.

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Late to the party bro.

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I've seen Spider-Man run into cage before,,that would be awesome,,I still think a T'challa movie would be cool too

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