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Poll: Jack Kirby vs Stan Lee (36 votes)

Jack Kirby 67%
Stan Lee 33%

I have a Basic understanding of Stan Lee and pretty much no understanding of Jack Kirby ,this is a question of who had the greater impact to the Marvel Universe and who was a better writer.

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Definately Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby did most of the writing for Marvel, and some more for DC too. Only Will Eisner has a greater inpact on Western comics.

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Stan was more important for Marvel (although how much of it can be credited to him is questionable)

Kirby was easily the more mature and Better writer. Check his New Gods

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Jack Kirby.

I remember seeing somewhere that in their FF run Stan Lee actually just polish Kirby's dialogue suggestions.

Plus once Kirby left the title the FF went downhill even though Lee stayed.

His work in DC showed what imagination he packed.

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Jack Kirby

Dude basically invented Marvel. Yea Stan gets most of the credit, but then again; Jack aint here is he?

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There's a reason why Kirby is called the King and Lee the Man.


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Kirby hands down.

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Kirby Krackle..... That all I have to say......

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There's a reason why Kirby is called the King and Lee the Man.


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I absolutely love Stan "The Man" Lee, but I got to go with Kirby as well. He co-created many iconic Marvel characters a long side Stan Lee. And of course my favorite...

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Jack Kirby fo sho

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Kirby. Lee has some great stuff under his belt but I think as far as characters and concepts go the King has him beat.

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Kirby.Never liked Stan Lee or even cared for the guy.

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Love Stan but Kirby

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Is this even really a debate? One was a creator and the other was the creator's editor.