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It was in the Saiyan saga when Vegeta confronted Goku for the first time and coined the most iconic words ever stated on Power levels:It's over 9000!.We all are familiar with that statement but I will go in detail what exactly Power levels mean . What exactly do they mean? Well I made this post for that specific reason;to show just what PL(Power levels) means.So the purpose of this post is to set a stander or "mean" for PL.but before i can help you to "understand" Power levels" we have to overcome some "roadblocks" if you will. First I want to clarify the common mistake most people make when on the topic of PL,they said that Toriyama only created or introduce PL just to show "how useless and irrelevant they are and how they should not be relied on" well i'm here to show you that this statement is only half-true.When taken out of context it can seam that PL are useless thus trying to understand them are futile;but wait like i said we must clarify some things so we can be on the same page so here i go.

Power levels-reliable or irrelevant?

There are many people who would argue that PL are useless and while it may seam to be true especially since Toriyama himself said so.But I'm here to truly debunk this claim. Now just imagine you're were a warrior (inside DBZ) let's said part of Frieza's army\or depend on this machine called a scouter to accurately pin point were and how powerful your foe is-so it's a really important device,However if your opponent could mask ,hide or suppress his true power\Ki,your scouter would fail you,So this very important device that you would depend your life on would no longer aid you in finding out the power\Ki of your foe-thus making it useless.Another valid point is the scouter can only read a person's PL only so high and then it would explode,so eventually people would be to strong for scouters to even read there PL,so that would make scouters and by extension "power levels useless and Irrelevant". now the scouter can no longer accurately do what it was design for-read a person's PL. But wouldn't you agree that if a person couldn't suppress there full power\Ki(or if the scouter could see there hidden power) and of course if they didn't explode it would be a very valuable device. So those are the reason's that a scouter and therefore powerlevels to the CHARACTERS in DBZ would be consider useless,but to the people "outside" the DBZ universe Powerlevels in them selves are not useless-but valuable.

Power levels-there meaning?

Ok we've gotten over the statement that power levels are "useless and irrelevant" but now a very important question arises, perhaps the most important of all:what is the meaning of Power levels? Well it's not necessarily an easy answer, However it is essential to understand there meaning.It's rather straight forward, Kili (not to be confuse with scouter power levels) is a power measurement (it's name being a pun on the Japanese word riki which means power) and the Daizenshuu 7 states that a "kili" of 200-300 is enough to destroy one\two planet(s);Super Saiyan Goku fighting yakon had a kili of 3,000-yakon had a kili of 800, with this in mind Goku as a SSJ1(of course by this time Goku was a MSSJ ) could destroyed 15 planets.As a SSJ2 he would be able to destroyed 750 planets-as a SSJ3 he could destroyed 5,250 planets, and as a SSJ4 8,250?.Let me tell you how i came up with those numbers-remember Goku as a SSJ1\MSSJ has a kili of 3,000 a kili of only 200-300 can destroyed 1 or 2 planets, so Goku as a SSJ1 can destroyed 15 planets as a SSJ2 750 planets i came to this conclusion because SSJ2 is 50 X SSJ1.(going off the Super Exciting Guide SSJ is 50x base, SSJ2 is 100X base and SSJ3 is 400x base form) so 50 X 15 =750 or 150,000 divided by 200=750(150,000 would be Goku's kili as a SSJ2).Now since Goku as a SSJ3 gets a 400 X increase from base-350 X 15= 5,250.

In more compact form

Goku- (Base 60 Kili)

Goku SSJ1- 3,000 Kili 15 planet buster

Goku SSJ2-150,000 Kili 750 planet buster

Goku SSJ3-1,050,000 Kili 5,250 planet buster

Goku SSJ4-210,000,000?? Kili 8,250 planet buster?

[Frieza final form-Kili 500=2.5 Planet buster]

[Super Perfect Cell-Kili 2,900=14.5 Planet buster]

[Kid buu-Kili 2,000,000=10,000 Planet buster

quick fact;Gogeta's PL was stated by V-jump to be around 2,500,000,000

so I assume Gogeta KIli would be 21,750,000,000=108,750,000 Planet buster-(at base) 2,175,000,000 Solar system buster

Super Gogeta-kili 1,087,500,000,000=5,437,500,000 Planet buster or 543,750,000 Solar system buster!-of course this is assuming each SS has 10 planets each.

For Vigeto- at base

22,200,000,000- Kili=111,000,000 Planet buster or 2,220,000,000 Solar system buster

Super Vegito-1,110,000,000,000=5,550,000,000 Planet buster or 111,000,000,000 Solar system buster

In case you're wondering how I came up with those numbers for Gogeta and Vigeto-I did it by multiplying (for Gogeta) SSJ2 Goku and Vegeta Kili which gave me those results.For Vigeto I took SSJ2 Goku use his full power-since for the fusion dance one must lower his PL for the fusion to work;while the Patara fusion have no such limitations so SSJ2 Goku X SSJ2 Vegeta=the Killi for Vigeto and I just added the power increase by the SSJ multipliers.

I'ts pretty simple 60 X 50=3,000-so Base Goku's kili is 60 because SSJ1 multiplies by 50 X so 60 is Goku's base kili. There's 9 planet's in are solar systems so Goku as a SSJ1 can destroyed a solar system, as a SSJ2 he can destroyed 83 solar systems, and as a SSJ3 583 solar systems(banking on if there's 9 planets in each solar systems).You know power levels are pretty meaningless if we don't understand what exactly that person can do with that PL, for example Frieza with a PL of 530,000 can easily destroyed a planet (so he probably had a Kili of 300 or more at Base ). Super Perfect Cell was at least 100 X stronger then Frieza(at final form) (probally leaves Perfect Cell with a PL of 53,000,000 or more) so yes he's easily a Solar system buster.the Eastern supreme kai states that each of the Supreme Kais were a thousand times more powerful than Frieza; yet they were no match for Kid buu so using Power scaling the supreme kais must have a Kili of 500 or more,so I estimate Kid buu was 3 X stronger then the Kais so he's enough power to annihilate hundreds of Solar systems.Ok, so Goku lifted 400 tons in base. Now to account for his power increase throughout the series by the end of GT, let's multiply that by 1 billion and then add the Super Saiyan multipliers , multiply it by 4000 So...400 tons x 1,000,000,000 = 400,000,000,000 tons400 billion tons x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 1,600,000,000,000,000 tons (1.6 quadrillion tons)Dr. Gero's bomb made to kill Goku was said to be able to destroy the Earth and was calculated as TNT (so megatons)So let's take 53 quadrillion and multiply it by 1 Billion(which is estimated is increase by the end of GT)Goku can survive up to a 21.2 septillion megaton yield by the end of GT in Super Saiyan 4. New news came in that Toriyama is going to reveal a totally new form\transformation of Super saiyan-the likes of which we've never seen.This Awesome form is Called "SUPER SAIYAN GOD" it will be seen for the first time in his upcoming film "Battle of Gods"WATCH out Superman Goku is "officially" a "GOD" and he;s OVER 9000!!!!