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Let's just to a quick recap of Injustice storyline (if you have not read the comics yet, go read them, they are awesome and are only getting better).

Five years before the time the game is set Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois, his unborn son, and triggering a nuke that destroyed Metropolis. He then kills The Clown and start a campaign to impose peace to the world with the help of other super heroes, most notably Wonder Woman. In those five years gap the fighting for peace becomes a totalitarian regime and super heroes (and villains) are divided in two groups, those who support the regime, lead by Superman, and those who fight against it, lead by Batman.

Superman is clearly the face of the regime and its leader. With that in mind, It's safe to say Wonder Woman is his second in command and the closest person to him. And what is interesting is the nature of this relationship.

Gods among us

Wonder Woman has a very different attitude towards the idea of world peace than Superman. It's clear since Injustice 6 that she always wanted it. She have always believed that instead of living a double life, Superman should be dedicated to stoping all conflicts in the world. This is a huge difference between not only her and Superman, but probably between her and most other regime super heroes. There are other subtle indications of this. For example in "The Line" trailer Diana says "Man's world isn't capable of self rule, we will preserve order!" and in "Versus" "Man's aggression cannot be tempered, only quelled. We're here to save mankind". Put it all together and it's clear that Diana isn't doing what she is going because of any tragedies or beacuse someone convince her it's the right thing to do. The point is that her conviction are based on deep beliefs, she won't back down.

What this means is that she is and will push Superman to do exactly what he is doing. We've seen this in Injustice 6 when she said to him to go to the UN, to shave and clean up. Wonder Woman is paving the way that will lead the way to the Regime, and of course influencing Clark along the way. Wonder Woman knows the destination she wants to go with Superman, even if he does not. So even if Kal-El is the face of the Regime, it's entirely possible that Diana is the thinking head behind it all. She was born to rule, she should know how to create a government and how to make it work.

Princess Diana of Themyscira, the schemer.

There is also the "romantic" side. In Injustice 9 we saw that Diana is very interested in begining an affair with the Man of Steel. But it's not about love here, she is thinking like an ancient greek/roman princess (if only Wonder Woman was that, oh wait!). She is thinking it like a political maneuver and that makes perfect sense. A dynasty of super powered beings dedicated to world peace. It's an interesting (noble in the eyes of some, perhaps?) goal. Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple reminds me of Theodora and Justinian, and this is kind of how I'm looking to them right now. Note: I guess some people have a problem with this characterization of Wondy, I personally don't. It fits Injustice theme. And why bother with Else Worlds tales if you going to make everything the same?

All this to say the Amazon princess if fully committed to the regime. She won't back down. There is no room for her to change her mind because there is no conflict there, she is doing what she always thought is right. So I can see Superman backing down, I can see Batman convincing Clark to stop what he is doing (after a lot of fights, of course), but not this Diana. With that in mind, I can see her being the ultimate "bad guy". The last boss in the game, so to speak.

Conviction x Guilt

Another interesting (more interesting than relevant) thing to notice is how much Wonder Woman x Batman stuff are there for a conflict that should be about Superman x Batman. Sure, there is that too, just see the box art of the game. But Diana x Bruce seens to be first choice for a fight a lot of times:

"How dare you condemn me?"

Meaningful? Probably not, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Another question that should be asked it 'why'. Why Wonder Woman has this ends justifies the means posture in this game and will go to any lenghts to install order? Well, hopefully the game will give an answer, and a good one, to that. Diana is not a villain and I don't think the goal of this game is to make heroes into villains, so something must make you sympathize with the princess' actions, even if you feel she has gone too far (which seens to be the case). Personally my answer to this is simple. In WW's fighter profile in the Battle Arena, one of her traits is "God-like longevity". The fact itself is not surprising, but that it was there is. It makes me think they are taking this into consideration in building WW character. So how does this answer the question? Well, put yourself in Diana's place for a second. You spent 2000 years watching man's word (consider here that she somehow could see at least glimpses of it from Themyscira, how is not important). What you will see more than anything is war. Death, destruction, endless conflict. How tired would you be of all of this? Would it not be easy to reach her conclusions that mankind cannot rule itself? This would work for me.

Note: There is a huge 'but' in all this. Even though I don't believe in this, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some huge villain manipulating all events in the game. Perhaps even Joker... somehow. It doesn't change much about what I said about Injustice WW here, but it might change the lass boss idea.

Any thoughts about all this?

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ps: This is my first blog post, I had planned to post this on the 'Justice League of America' section of the forum but I didn't find the option. Can this be moved?

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Bravo. Excellent first blog. I salute you. Definitely something to think on and while I didn't agree with you before it does seem highly logical at this point and I'm more inclined to agree now then I was before.

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Wonder Woman does seem to be the brains behind the operation, I'll admit that. I was having similar thoughts on this after Issue #10.

Very nice analysis!

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... I have a draft of a blog about this! I was going to flesh it out today. Good job on beating me to the punch! ;)

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So, this story is basically ripping off the Squadron Supreme who were a rip off of the JLA to begin with? Sounds about right. In the original Squadron Supreme world, Hyperion (Marvel's Superman ripoff) convinced the SS to take over as the world's police and help run it, while Nighthawk (Marvel's Batman) started a resistance movement because this was way out of line.

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Nice Blog Post, I like how you took the time to put some captions in the titles. And yes this has been going in my head as well.

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Good observation. From the trailers of the game it looks like Joker's still alive and behind all these. I'm almost sure he'll be the last boss in the game and I'd definitely like to see how Batman vs. WW plays out in the story of the game. And does the writer of the comic book knows the whole story of the game? I think he said he knows as much as we do but I'm not sure.

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Just by reading the comics, I agree 100%. Not to call Superman childish (I know he's deeper than that), but he has a bad tendency to look at things too simply and is letting his personal tragedy affect his judgement (I'm Superman and I can make evvvverything better) - but Wonder Woman is displaying more calculated thought-patterns and does seem to be intentionally enabling Clark's clouded thinking.

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I appretiace the compliments, guys.

@Havenless: Comics habe been going on for a long time, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have all 70+ in their backs. It's hard to do a story that will be 100% original and like nothing ever before. I've seen people calling this a copy of Kingdom Come, Justice Lords, Marvel Civil War and more. But I've also saw a lot of people saying this story feels fresh and different. I guess that is what really matters.

@RustyRoy: As I've said, I wouldn't like that, although I see it's as possible. It's worth mentioning that part of the prequel comics story will be told in the games. For eaxmple there is a cutscene of Superman killing the Joker, so his appearances in the trailers might be prior to his death. About your question, I'm not sure. I think I read in a interview he had access to the script of the game. I don't know if was complete though, but I would guess it was.

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@SNascimento: I don't like the idea either(I actually want Superman to be the final boss in the game,that'll be most epic thing ever), but Joker is in the front and center of every promotional image and trailers indicate that he's pretty much the main villain, I mean the last laugh, him being at the ending of every trailer,all these things point at that direction. And there's always an escape route for things like death.

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Very nice blog, and it makes perfect sense. Wonder Woman (in the comics) has always been a relatively fascist character masquerading as a feminist, and having her pulling Superman along makes sense. The only times Diana was humanised was when she was with Bruce (romantically and platonically), though Johns and CO hate that so the Injustice guys had to go with the awful Supes/Diana thing, where the loftiness of their ideals and incredible power would totally alienate them from people.

Wonder Woman knows as much about governance as Nell. She spent her immortal life as a Princess on an isolationist nation of only women, she's got no idea how things work, and that comes across in the "utopia through totalitarianism" goal, and the fact she wishes to implement this with force. It's a simple philosophy that even a child works out "people wouldn't argue if they all did what I say".

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this reminds me too much of the Marvel civil war

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Great observations, if you ask me they sound quite spot on. Having Wonder Woman as the "villain" of the story would be an interesting twist.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Diana knowledge of rule is open. You can build her life so she is an very able ruler, she has the potential for it.

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@SNascimento: Great blog, also you can try to message a moderator, he might move it to the JL section.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: is it just me or do you hate wonder woman?,she is facist?,LOL!,i never saw wonder woman talking about amazons being superior to humans,trying to control the world saying that a superior race should ruled,i always see her being compassionate,and treating people equally and without prejudice,where is her facist nature?.

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@gokuwarrior: She has constantly beaten the Hell out of other heroes who have disagreed with her. For someone who is supposedly a symbol of compassion and love, she sure likes to punch her friends.

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@GunGunW said:

this reminds me too much of the Marvel civil war

Civil War was based on DC's Kingdom Come, which is a lot more similar to this than Civil War (Kingdom Come Superman retired after Joker killed Lois).

#19 Posted by gokuwarrior (4399 posts) - - Show Bio

@FadeToBlackBolt: when?,before the rebot wonder woman never was around fighting her friends for no reasons,and in the new 52,when she fought was because she wanted to save steve it was a very delicate situation for her,and she isn't the only one that has lost the temper,i have seen superman and many other heros getting mad and punching friends around.

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Exactly what i was thinking.. about the joker orchestration, i don't know..cause we say in harley queen trailer another joker but he seemed to have no idea what was going on there..But, then again, we're talking about the Joker here so everything is possible.

Maybe is a Darkseid orchestration, or Luthor have a bigger part that we've belevied..

Wonder Woman is the brain behind this, she is the only one that have the bal$s to to this..

I recall a superman tas episode where , in an alternate univers, Superman was manipulated by luthor in doing this sort of stuff so is possible that behind the scenes man to be Luthor again

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@jasontodd7: As you said, with those villains anything is possible.

One thing I'll say again is that even though I see Wonder Woman as the ultimate "bad guy" here, she is not a villain. And I would hate to see her being portrayed that way... she must have good reasons to do all of this. I created a scenario in my OP that I think if properly used would be valid, but there must be something. She is not someone who wants power, but order and peace.

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Just a last addendum before the game is released: The last two issues of Injustice cements this idea. Especially the end of the last issue that shows Superman leaving the "talking" for Diana and she choosing what Clark should hear back.

It's also worth noting that WW was especially manipulative this week, and what will determine if everything was worth it is not only the reason for her actions, but what she will do when in power. I really hope they don't just make her a simple villain.

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I saw in star labs missions trailers that luthor brings an alternate superman that is bad.

Maybe this is happening with wonder woman, too.

I'm starting thinking that she , on purpose, provoked Aquaman soldiers to atack her..

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@jasontodd7: I don't think so. She was just giving her hand to Arthur, there is not threat or anything, the Atlantean soldier was just flustered. If Wonder Woman had some hand in that, it was deeper than what we saw, maybe through Ocean Master but right now we don't know.

And Wonder Woman isn't bad. That is something the make should make very clear, although I don't know if it will.

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@snascimento:i didin't read much on wonder woman but for what i know she will never fight for a worldwide dictatorial regime ruled by her.

As for Superman, it is clear that he is pushed from behind by her and manipulated.

About the soldier.. Right after the soldier shot at her she atacked Aquaman with the statement that she is tired of talking ( a few moments ago she told "let's talk").

The soldiers that shot her in a early comic of injustice didin't made her angry, those one's..did. Like she expected this to happen..

Anyway is too soon to know things so i guess we can just speculate about it.

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I had thought about this too, it makes sense and it's has been seen in lots of stories that totalitarian side of Wondie

also, should be bad "gal" on the title :) either way

I love bad gals

Diana, if you are reading this, call me XOXO ;D

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I don't want spoilers, so don't tell me if I'm wrong. But:

I don't want Wonder Woman to be shown as the "true" final boss of the game, plausibly resulting in Superman vs Diana. Rather, I'd kinda like to see Superman die, either realizing his mistake while dying in the middle of a battlefield, or accepting he was wrong and dying like a hero (like Superman: Red Son, except he didn't really die in that).

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Everything makes a lot of sense here! good read, good blog!

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I don't really see her as bad guy. Shes a strong warrior and warriors like structure and all that so when Superman does what hes doing I don't see her being evil for going with it because in both their minds its going to result in world wide order/peace. She hasn't even killed yet and has been trying to keep the peace between the heroes.

I also find it extremely doubtful she would be the main final boss in Injustice.

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Very impressive blog.

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Intresting, so far in the comics she atleast seems to be the mastermind behind Supermans fall.

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#12 is adding more support to this theory. Definitely manipulating Superman.

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I can just imagine the prelude to the fight between the her and Superman. Batman shows Superman something Lois wrote about him. Superman realizes he was wrong. Wonder Woman makes some bad comment about Lois. And then they fight.

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That would suck royally if she was the final boss... Just saying.

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@caiotrubat: I think it would be cool, I mean Superman would be so cliche. Plus she is only second to superman and with all the people behind her with her morals she would be actually a bigger boss.

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@caiotrubat: Yeah, I want a big, unplayable character, not someone I can choose from the character select screen. That's what made characters like Shao Kahn so great, you had no idea what you were going against.

#38 Posted by Inverno (13757 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42: I dunno, man. Making Superman the bad guy left me with a bad taste in my mouth for starters, and making Wonder Woman the one that is pulling the strings is not a good idea to me at all.

@smashbrawler: Exactly. I was expecting Darkseid to fill that role instead. Too bad when I learned he is just a cameo/stage hazard in the game.

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This is an excellent post OP. I love that you actually acknowledge that she's actually Greek/Roman Royalty (arguably the greatest politicians to have ever existed). Though I'll say I'm reminded more of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth rather than Theodora and Justinian. I think that WW as the big bad or at least one of them is a good idea that's never been explored before... I think. Correct me if I'm wrong

@caiotrubat: Why? In terms of game play or the actual character and story?

@lilben42 said:

@caiotrubat: I think it would be cool, I mean Superman would be so cliche. Plus she is only second to superman and with all the people behind her with her morals she would be actually a bigger boss.

Exactly. I thought the whole point of Elseworlds is to portray characters differently so that they may advance the story logically. Different settings or events/incidents/occurrences will alter character development and therefore, the character. E.G. the JMS reboot of WW rooted her upbringing in a completely different place. Changed the flavour of the character, the way she talked, how and why she did what she did but she was STILL called Wonder Woman (girl may have been more appropriate but whatever). On a completely unrelated note, I think it could have made a pretty good Earth One

Superman is cliche and I like to think that as a manipulating b*tch of a bad guy (compliment) WW could wreak a lot of havoc because as a general she's actually that smart (something not really shown in the current JL title) and has sensible motivations to act a certain way. Good villains are always great characters

Maybe I'm on the wrong thread because I'm talking story not game

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Well, I saw the game campaign on a stream, if anyone want to know how right or wrong I was just PM me, but please keep here spoiler free.

#41 Posted by Stormbox (2053 posts) - - Show Bio

@snascimento said:

Well, I saw the game campaign on a stream, if anyone want to know how right or wrong I was just PM me, but please keep here spoiler free.

Alright im down for this since im not very interested in the story mode of the game

#42 Posted by deaditegonzo (4168 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, I saw the game campaign on a stream, if anyone want to know how right or wrong I was just PM me, but please keep here spoiler free.

Im interested to know for sure. When the game was first announced, I was most stoked to get to play a dark, violent game with my favorite characters. After seeing the previews and now reading issue 12 of the comic, I now see whats going on with my favorite characters, and I see that its in the name of promoting my least favorite character Batman. Im still excited about playing my favorite characters on multiplayer against my friends, but im disheartened by the story. Supes always gets dragged through the mud by people who dont "get" him. This game, I PREDICT, will have Batman as the Liu Kang character, and youll thrash Superman near the end in a stupid fight, or show him what it means to be a hero, which is more humiliating when the character in question is the most likely to become a tyrant or go rogue on paper, and Supes has always stuck to his guns/

If you havent read issue 12, I suggest you read it, it leaves little uncertainty, imo.

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@caiotrubat: Well I think its the best idea. It would be an amazing twist and unexpected.

@akindoodle: Exactly my thoughts right here.

#44 Posted by Akindoodle (1050 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42: I know right? I'm psychic. Teehee. But really, I don't see what's wrong with her playing a villain. Everyone's done it before. Why not her?

@deaditegonzo: That's mostly how I feel about Batman. In reality, he SHOULD be the one to snap and kill the joker. But oh no, he must always be the hero. Really? Something I would love to see is WW and Batman trying to take over the world just for giggles. Throw Superman out of the equation and this version of WW and your normal, run of the mill, emotionally stunted, intellectually brilliant Batman would be unstoppable!

#45 Posted by lilben42 (2700 posts) - - Show Bio

@akindoodle: I would like to see Superman vs Batman which they are both the bad guys and WW is in the middle and is the good guy.

#46 Posted by Akindoodle (1050 posts) - - Show Bio

@lilben42 said:

@akindoodle: I would like to see Superman vs Batman which they are both the bad guys and WW is in the middle and is the good guy.

That could work just fine as well. As long as she's actually relevant and not just a supporting character like they usually end up making her in these Supes/Bats things

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@akindoodle: Its one of Batman's paradoxes, you make him the bad guy and he immediately seems like the "underdog" which is generally seen as bad story telling. Yet, his fanboys would tell you he is unbeatable and the most powerful character in the universe (all while calling Superman OverPowered).

Batman fanboys say they like their heroes "dark," with "conflict", "internal struggle," maybe a "lot of psychosis", yet they would rage uncontrollably if he actually behaved consistently with his portrayal.

I dont know, its just something im sick of.

#48 Posted by lilben42 (2700 posts) - - Show Bio

@akindoodle: I know right, at least she is in the stories. She deserves way more recognition though.

#49 Edited by Akindoodle (1050 posts) - - Show Bio

@deaditegonzo: *sigh*. Fanboys are actually ridiculous. Is it too much to ask for Batman to NOT be infallible. Just for one story that's not even in continuity. ONE! He's actually one of the most unrealistically paradoxical characters in existence. I thought he was all about "realism" and grittiness. You CANNOT tell me that a man will not break after being through so much crap in life; his parents - dead, his son - dead, mother of said son - maniacal terrorist that would kill her own child, love of life - kleptomaniac, arch nemesis - apesh*t crazeee!!! (What is it with him and crazy people anyway?). But this is fiction, a universe where you can win anything with "prep". And I thought people rooted for the underdog anyway? If he's ever a villain, here's their solution; Take a tip from Game of Thrones - the hero (i.e. anyone that is NOT Batman) does not always have to win at the end of the day. At least his fanboys would be pacified if he did (not sure if that's a good or bad thing). Does this post make sense?

(I love how between the two us, we've derailed this to a venting-about-batman thread)

#50 Posted by deaditegonzo (4168 posts) - - Show Bio

@akindoodle: You're right, I apologize to the thread at large, carry on.

Besides, I apparently make a lot of typos when American Dad is on in the background.