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Ok I have a nephew in junior high who wants to know about watchmen. Is that appropriate for a 15 year old? And if not, what parts and what age is recommended before starting it?

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If he's got a decent amount of smarts and isn't immature about some of the touchy subjects, then I don't really see it being a problem.

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There's a rape scene in Watchmen. You decide how old he should be to see that, it's pretty graphic in the comic and sorta watered down in the movie.

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Depends on maturity. I'm only 13 and I can handle it. And frankly, Watchmen is my favorite graphic novel of all time.

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I read it when I was 16 and I loved it.

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Sure. I was 15 when I saw the movie.

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@The_Tree said:

If he's got a decent amount of smarts and isn't immature about some of the touchy subjects, then I don't really see it being a problem.

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It really depends on the kid. If you think they can handle it then there shouldn't be a problem. Also try talking to his parents about it. But that's the way I would do things.

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Sure, why not.

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I'm 15 (16 next month) and read Watchmen a few months ago... I loved it. There's some violence, language and some minor nudity, but I guarantee its not going to be the worst he's seen. And really, it probably wouldn't hurt him to explore a few of the more serious issues brought up in the story.

Granted, there was one scene that kind of disturbed me, but it was meant to be that way in the context of the story and I think anyone of any age would have an emotional reaction to it.

Reading it, I was glad not to be coddled. It tells the story it needs to tell without restraint, but it never gets more graphic than it needs to to get the point across. Honestly, I'm certain that you would do no damage by giving him a copy

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why don't you read it first?

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nothing you don't usually see in your own family...

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I'd say wait until hes older more like 17/18.

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Yes, 15 year olds aren't babies. Kids are learning more and more about things that are "touchy" everyday. And none of it really effects them, It just really depends on if the 15 year old would want to see that. A man can be 50 years old, and they could still find reading rape to be disturbing to look at if even they're mature enough to handle it.

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@elvisdad: Yes I think that he should be able to see it. Unless he is really immature than I don't see a problem. Also may I recommend him reading the comic first so he can appreciate and then see the movie. Just a thought but I think that the movie will be appropriate.

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You have to ask yourself: How old is 15 really? The average 15 year old American fully understands almost everything that Watchmen entails.

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Depends on how mature he is mentally in my opinion... And if it's even the kind of thing he'd really enjoy.

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Language should be okay for 15 year old, nothing he hasn't heard in school.

The violence is kind of graphic, but shouldn't be a problem.

Sex scenes are probably the most you should be concerned about. There is a rape scene (no genitals or nudity is seen, though.), and there is a sex scene (No genitals seen, the woman's breasts are, though). Dr. Manhattan walks around without pants alot, not in a sexual manner, he just didn't wear pants. Your nephew probably wouldn't really notice, or pay attention to it unless he was looking.

I read it at 13, like @YourNeighborhoodComicGeek:

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the movie came out when i was around that age and all me and my friends could handle it and we weren't mature at all so go for it dude

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could be worse...

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Sure, if he's not particularly immature.

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The film is rated MA15+ in Australia (restricted to viewers of over 15 years); I recall reading the book myself when I was 15. Should be perfectly okay for a 15 year old to read.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Depends on maturity. I'm only 13 and I can handle it. And frankly, Watchmen is my favorite graphic novel of all time.

You're only 13?!? O_O

Honestly had no idea, lol :P

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If he is into comicbook movies and you want to get him a book, this isn't the book to get.

If he is into comics, should be fine, it was over the top for the time, but I think it's pretty tame now violence wise.

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I didn't even notice the more graphic or mature parts when I read it

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I read it when I was 15, and didn't really have a problem with it.

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I Read it when I was Ten...

Still consider it my favorite comic to this day

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Compared to some consul games & whats on past the watershed....watchmen is kinda tame now, good but tame

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I borrowed it from the local library when I was an innocent twelve year old... it's fine.

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I think it's less about how well the kid can handle it, and more about how much his parents (your brother or sister? or in-laws?) want him reading it.  Which is not to say that you should walk on eggshells around other people's opinions, or ignore the fact that most 15 year olds are probably well aware of every form of depravity and act of violence on earth, but if you want a good relationship with them, you may want to talk with them about it first, just so they feel consulted.

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book maybe, film no.

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What a coincidence you make a thread about Watchmen, I just watched it. Well to be truthful There's way too much sex in that movie . Not to mention if he can understand the movie, he might loose faith in humanity, which is a good and bad thing.

Oh wait your talking about the comics? Not sure, the comics might be worse than the film in terms of graphicness. Have you read Ultimate Spider-Man? Haha so much dirtyness in that series

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Thanks all for the feedback!

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@The Poet said:

could be worse...

Yeah kids watch all that stuff all the time.

And what are you guys definition of mature enough to read it?

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Depends on the kid. Read it and decide.

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It has nudity language violence and I read the book and saw the film when I was 15 also. I doesn't bother me. I LOVED it.

If your cousin is OK with that Stuff, then show him WATCHMEN

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I'm 16 and I read it without any problems. I wouldn't recommend it to an immature 15 year old, but if they're mature then it should be alright. You could give them a few warnings ahead of time about the more "graphic" scenes in the book.

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If he's mature, then totally.