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I'm working on a Godzilla fan fiction and I feel that my Godzilla may be a bit overpowered. I was trying to make him a good team buster so I could write crossovers with Marvel and DC and have it make more sense that he's a threat, but I may have gone a bit overboard with one feat in particular.

Long story short Godzilla breaks through a dimension. He gets trapped in a pocket dimension by Mothra and escapes by pure brute force. This causes a massive event that causes violent shaking around the globe. The shaking levels buildings in major cities, causes massive tsunamis that hit coastal cities, and triggers a volcanic eruption that affects the atmosphere. It also makes the area around the center of the event (Seattle) completely uninhabitable, killing and evacuating millions. After the event reports from an orbital satellite claim that it was visible from space and interrupted their communications.

This Godzilla is the embodiment of destruction, but is this feat too much? Keep in mind he's supposed to be a potential threat for people like the Justice League and Sheild in crossovers.

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Breaking thru dimensions with just brute force.. pffft, that's nothing.

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Can he at least break through with his atomic breathe? That would make more sense.

I don't know how you crush dimensions with your strength... but the atomic breathe is his most powerful move, so it would be better.

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Strength/power wise this to makes him a hulk/Superman/Thor type level, so it's say it's about right actually

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Eh well its fan fiction right? In my opinion you get to do anything you want to as far as your own enjoyment of writing, what you think works and so on. If I wrote a Godzilla fan fiction myself, Thor and Hulk would be able to beat him, but I won't care nor will I let that affect my enjoyment of reading stories where Godzilla is embodiment of destruction and or could even be some wraith of god type abstract terror that is Lovecraftian in scope. Godzilla vs some 400 billion yeah old ancient abstract butterfly monstrosity. When they battle the realms of chaos and order shutter and cry etc etc =p

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Dimension buster?

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Can he at least break through with his atomic breathe? That would make more sense.