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Remember the new 52 ones from last year, that was super useful.

Is there anything similar going around for Marvel, I'm still fairly unsure on whats happening with a lot of books. What about stuff like Venom and Daredevil.. are they going back to number 1? Or even Wolverine and the X-men or Uncanny X-men and such that were renumbered/launched just after Schism. I'm going to assume that Gambit and Hawkeye will keep their numbering (though you never know with Marvel)

Are any current series being cancelled outright? The news has being breaking on so many different sites its been difficult to keep track of...

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I think Spidey, Venom and Scarlet Spider, is unchanged no renumbering or anything (I could be wrong)

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@feargalr: It's going to be a gradual thing and some wont get changed. I think Uncanny X-Men (which is defiantly ending) id being replaced by All New X-Men

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I don't know if there is any list floating around. I assume that they don't even know for sure what titles they plan to renumber. I am excited about the new Deadpool and Iron Man titles though.