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i am starting to watch arrow and need to know if its worth the watch or not

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Give it a watch its; only a few episodes in. Its gotten pretty good.

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Believe it or not, but somebody did the same exact question already.

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its not good... its great! 5 episodes in and you have a good story , plenty of action , and even a little romance . but its not to the point where its all lovy dovey and u might get to see a fight every 10 episodes (maybe.) , 5 episodes into Arrow and you have appearances by deadshot and deathstroke . its a show that entertains comic fans and people who have no idea what a comic is (my in-laws to be lol)

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its entertaining and different take on green arrow then i am use to from the comics.

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It is amazing,I would say that it is better than his origin,but it is still true.It just slightly alters it (some things I thnk are questionable,but cool)

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If you don't mind your Green Arrow being Batman if Batman was the Punisher, then yeah, it's very good. Just don't come in expecting it to be a straight up Green Arrow, cheerful Oliver, wisecracking Green Arrow firing boxing gloves as arrows. This is a much darker take on the character, but still quite good.

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So far, it's rather good.

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Yes, it's a good show.

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Can someone lock this? It's been done before.

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As soon as I heard Dinah say, "he's a killer", I immediately thought Killer Queen

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Someone lock this.

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@kgb725: aye mate its pretty good

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my thoughts exactly

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@kgb725: Yea mayn, It's a great show with nice plot and stories going on minus the cheesiness of typical CW show, but the show is still awesome.

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Yeah it's good....hoping for at least 3 sesons :).

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Yes. I like it.

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