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We need to settle.

This scan here

is what people use to say The Presence isn't Omnipotent.

I argue that he is.

He states he is Infinite and Eternal which is essentially what an Omnipotent being is.

He never states that he is created. This means he wasn't created by a another Entity in the DC/Vertigo Universe.

The writers did create him and that is who he is referring to.

The writers are the ones that shape the characters to. Someone could create a character but many writers will get to shape the character the way they want it to be.

In truth this makes him more Omnipotent since he knows that the writers or External Forces if you will were the ones that created him.

Anyway this is a thread to debate the question of weather or not the Presence is Omnipotent.

I think he is.

State your opinion than argue it with reasons and debate it.

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that was my view all along, he is talking about the writers, not about other forces. but that leaves the question, then, the writers are more powerful than he is inside DC, therefore he isn't fully omnipotent unlike TOAA who is the avatar of the writer. so unless the presence is the avatar of the writer then he isn't fully omnipotent but still is the most powerful and the effective "God" of DC

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@royharperblow: The Presence is Omnipotent but what created him is above Omnipotence.

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Well the new character i.e. Primal Monitor is said to be the most powerful. It must have shaped Presence.

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I guess? It seemed pretty like he was referring to something just not the writers.