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i started reading gl during crisis and it became my main series after kyle started so im,more used to individual lantern stories instead of different corps space battles. i kinda backed off after hal came back and kyle took a back seat. but do you,guys think they should go back to more personal lantern stories or they,should keep,having inter corps crossovers. dont get me wrong i loved blackest night and sinestro wars but im getting tired of the spectrum,being the main thing

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Neither. It's a story concept. It's gone a long way to building up the world of Green Lantern, but it isn't necessary to touch on it for every story. It's there to be used, or not used, by the writer. It's been a dominant force in the series for the last several years, mainly because it's taken that long to introduce it all.

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Well considering its been an integral part of the mythos for nearly a decade, and which the existence of has made the title as respectable and revered as it is today, yes it is very very GOOD.