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The X-Men of the 90s were easily the most iconic team and costumes ever, to this day.

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@guardian_of_gravity: There was a lot of that yes, but there were also some great stories that more than made up for it, it wasn't always just hero vs hero for a cheap pop every Wednesday, the events actually mattered and featured serious character defining moments. It wasn't just an event for the sake of having an event. And for every ten so called "Extreme" characters that were walking cliche's there was one great one like Savage Dragon or Angela. There is not a single event that has been released in the last 5 years that can even hold a candle to Infinity Gauntlet, In fact Annihilation is the only Event comic to come out since the year 2,000 that can come close to the quality of some of the more mediocre Events of the 90s.

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Hell no.

#104 Posted by entropy_aegis (16011 posts) - - Show Bio

I concur with Fade,current era is the worst.

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@joshmightbe: That's the thing, everything good was drowned out by ten or more shitty things.

This is how it's always been. 90% of everything sucks.

90% of humanity sucks.

90% of video games suck

90% of books suck.

90% of comics suck

90% of the franchises out there suck

90% of toys suck

90% of people suck

90% of politicians suck

90% of fans suck

90% of cars suck

90% of the entire universe sucks.

And did I mention that 90% of mankind is terrible and should slap themselves in the face?

Essentially, nine out of ten of everything is terrible.


Because 90% of the people behind it are untalented hacks.

The world is primarily driven by crap and filled with suckage. Nostalgia lets you avoid the piles of crap of the past because to every generation, the current one is the worst.

To the Dark Age, the Bronze age was the pinnacle of comicdom. TO the Bronze age, the bronze age sucked and everyone should go back to the silver age. To the silver age, everything was silly and terrible and should go back to the Golden Age. And people in the Golden Age were the nondiscriminatory sort who would buy a comic because one guy could fly and the other guy can't.

In essence, everyone is retarded when it comes to perceiving how good things were in the past or present. Because in truth, everything sucks.

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@bombardier_beetle: I don't entirely disagree but I cannot accept that any era capable of producing AVX is superior to any other point in time.

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There were some good comics from the 90's, Batman Long Halloween and the Maxx for example, but there there were way more crap than there were good comics.

#109 Posted by CyborgZod (166 posts) - - Show Bio


I rest my case

LOL wow look at that hair! Did Liefeld draw that? It almost looks like he has little tiny pouches around his legs, and theres no feet.

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I think the 90s had the worst art

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Fun thread.

I'm an X-Men fan so I liked it. The 90's stuff that is.

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@cyborgzod: yeah i hate that future thor stuff of the 90's thast was a horrible era for all comics win the exception of x men that was their foundation with new characters like bishop mr sinister cable psylocke dead pool and jim klees costumes were great too. the comic was the best selling ever and the show was good ttoo! almost batman good

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No. The 90's were just another step in the evolution of comic book storytelling. Those books had a flavor that reflected everything else in that decade.

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That's some 90s swagger XD!


I agree, but you have to be the change you want to see in this world. Apathy doesn't help anything.

Anyway I think current era does more to appeal to the general mainstream movie-going audience, instead of dedicated comic fans.

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The 90's just had some bad costume designs and some really overhyped stories. But books like Knightfall, Preacher, and Sin City make up it

#116 Posted by CrazyScarecrow (2270 posts) - - Show Bio

The 90's were ok. I do think Batman had the best comics of the era and it was nice to see the JLA have the original 7 members. I have no problem with Superman around this era except for the way he was drawn. I mean does Superman really need a mullet? And there were to many characters dying IMO.

Also the art over at Marvel always came off a bit odd to me.

However worst would have to be 1950 to 1956. Superheroes were barely around except for Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Speedy, and Aquaman. Not much variety. Oh and I do believe Plastic Man got past this age in comics.

#117 Posted by CrazyScarecrow (2270 posts) - - Show Bio

@sinestro_gl: Why doesn't no body love Bat-mite? I'm I the only one?

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Well, I'm reading the Black Canary solo series from the nineties and I found this gem. I present to you Helena Bertinelli with a mullet.

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no around 2007 and up is the worse

#120 Posted by _The_Ant_ (455 posts) - - Show Bio

@joshmightbe: You don't have to.

They all suck equally.

Everything sucks.

You suck

I suck

He sucks

She sucks

They suck

About the only things that don't suck are black holes.

Because physics.

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@batpala said:

Well, I'm reading the Black Canary solo series from the nineties and I found this gem. I present to you Helena Bertinelli with a mullet.

Everyone but Batman had a mullet at some point.

#122 Posted by shenron (1094 posts) - - Show Bio

70's and 80's were the best comics

30's --through the 60's in when the best heroes were made

90's had some really good stuff,mostly crap, and probably one of the biggest examples of comic inflation.

2000+ really wasnt so bad, unless your talking about 2010 and up

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Nah, the 90's had some good stuff.

#124 Posted by _The_Ant_ (455 posts) - - Show Bio

@biteme_fanboy: Every era has some good stuff but the average comic in the 90s was something EXACTLY like this

You don't judge an era by it's outliers, but by the average.

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Dark Horse was especially badass in the 90's.

Buffy, Ghost, X, the Mask, etc.... whaddup haterz.

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Okay kids you all have inspired me to go back through my comics collection and take a tour through my 90s era comics. I'm part of the old guard who started collecting in the 70's and I never really stopped. I have solid representations from every modern decade and my Google-Fu is generally excellent so i think I've got my list in good shape. I disagree that most of the 90s decade was crap and in fact, I've made a list of what I consider the good stuff from that era. You can access it here: What's So Bad About 1990s Comics. Feel free to comment or suggest stuff I missed... I made a section just for that. And please, if you feel the need, don't hesitate to generally just rail about how much I suck for liking quite a lot of what happened in comics during the 90. You are all welcome with your informed opinions and I love to debate. Special thanks to kgb725 for starting this whole thing.

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For Marvel, definitely, I won't even touch that decade, its just too weird and it doesn't really improve until the 2000s. For DC however, I think New 52 is far worse. At least when it comes to the stuff from the 1990s I found a lot more stuff to enjoy such as the Robin solo, Nightwing solo, Impulse solo, Flash, and Dixon's Detective Comics. And by the mid 1990s onwards, DC had all sorts of good stuff in general. However, with New 52, everything is grimdark and everyone is angst-ridden and jerks, even characters that aren't supposed to be like that. But part of it could be because I didn't experience the Dark Age of Comics first hand. I started reading comics only a year ago and so I knew what to avoid. I notice that things seem 10x worse when you are living through it because you don't know when it will end or get better. And since we are still in DC's current Dark Age, things just seem worse than they probably are...

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The story arcs were pretty bad, but the art as well. The characters in Marvel were drawn way too over-the-top-80s/90s-action-hero-style (*cough* Liefeld *cough*)... the only DC character that is drawn that way I can think off the top of my head is Jean-Paul Valley Batman.

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You mean my Rob Liefeld's Young Bloods trading cards aren't worth $#!%........

They are worth how much you taught they would be worth but only in shame.

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But, those holographic comic covers.

#132 Posted by VoodooPenguin (1191 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd honestly say the 80's were. Most people would comment and list off like five to seven different arcs or runs and say that's proof that the eighties were great. I don't think that argument works for any era. I just think that overall they were boring. The 90's were trying to be really dark or serious for the most part and because of that some sucked and some were great. The 60's and 70's were care-free and silly for the most part and that made them enjoyable too even if they were really childish. The 70's were notably darker however. The eighties seemed to have a certain tone that was mixed between the three but I just didn't enjoy it. I also think that the most overrated stories (Simmonson's run on Thor, Kraven's Last Hunt) came out during then too but that's not why I enjoyed it the least. Too much of the focus was on action rather than story was another major issue. Don't get me wrong though, some of my favorite stories came from the 80's (Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut, The Killing Joke). And a lot of them actually have the complaints I made too.

Just my opinion though.

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@guardian_of_gravity: kingdom come is basically a bunch of old ass farts whining about "those damn kids"

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In terms of redeemable and narrative value, the 50s are the absolute worst era of comics, especially in the case of DC. Everything from that era should be forgotten and crucified, especially in relation to the Trinity.

The 90s? Really? The Liefeldian stuff was almost totally exclusive to Liefeld and a few other cronies. By the mid 90s , that style was pretty much gone from Marvel, and we got great stuff like the majority of the 2099 and Generation X. Oh, but Mark Waid didn't grow up with that, so it must suck, right?

DC was never really affected by the 90s style, and had some pretty good stuff. Majority of 90s Superman, The Deodatos/Jimenez/Luke runs of Wonder Woman, 90s Batman, Flash, JLA, Titans, Aztek were all great , not to mention all of the great Milestone stuff. Something tells me actual political and social topics that showed up in Milestone, such as race, gang culture, and a very mature look at rape, would be things that Milestone would not have been able to tackle of they were bound by restrictions from you guys' heroes, Mark Waid and Alex Ross.

#135 Posted by dimitridkatsis (2943 posts) - - Show Bio

Yep, it was terrible.

#136 Posted by Project_Worm (3812 posts) - - Show Bio

It was worth it if only for some of the characters.

#137 Posted by DoDirty (1203 posts) - - Show Bio

It was the best era of Animated Shows

#138 Posted by FearTheLiving (5243 posts) - - Show Bio

Everybody has a niche they enjoy.

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@i_like_swords said:


That will be all

again Eternal Warrior > Ninjak. :P But Valiant itself came from the 90s so it really don't matter.

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90s weren't bad, just shifted wildly from great and awful. Like a broken scale.

#142 Posted by t_hench (416 posts) - - Show Bio

So we have some saying the 50's and 70's were bad, some saying the 90's are the worst, and some saying the modern era is the worst....so what you're all saying is, comics have never been good? ;P

#143 Posted by Manchine (4339 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally 90's are the worst and the best at the same time. The worst when it comes to Marvel and DC but the best when it comes to Independent Comics. For the most part 90's is the worst comics can get.

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I rest my case

I fully intended to read through this thread before giving my opinion about the 90's not being the worst era but I couldn't get past this. Still can't.

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Art wise, mostly yes.

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Knightfall is one of the greater story lines I've ever read. When did The Long Halloween come out?

Isnt the Death of Superman from the 90's(with Doomsday)?

In any case, 2010+ has been far worse than the 90's.... I barely read them nowadays.

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Good thing Ultimate Spider Man saved us in 2000.