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Basically is Superman above what an average kryptonian male would be if granted the same amount of time to mature and absorb solar radiation, or is he average or below what a normal male his age would be?

p.s. this is PRE new 52 version of superman.

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@Army2442: not really, the rest of the guys stayed on planet while superman got offworld to earth and if they all existed in a yellow sun solar system and are given time to develop they can pull a Viltrumite on DCU

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Since he's sometimes seen training, I'd say only in comparison from a average joe kryptonian to a body builder kryptonian.

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i dont think so does anyone have scans of when he found kandor so we can compare him to the other krytonians that were trapped there like nightwing or flamebird

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Stan Lee wouldn't say so

but more then likely he should be as he grew up under a yellow sun, he shouldn't have problems with anyone who's never been under one

yet when he is introduced to such characters he does have problems, so its possible they have better cellular intake then he do

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I would assume since he absorbed more energy since he has lived on earth for decades. I think he is more powerful than most kryptonians