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You sir, have just won the thread.

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Isn't Superman a decedent of Rao? I mean distant yes but he has the blood of a God inside him however diluted. Wasn't this brought up in Last God of Krypton? I mean she calls him mortal but Rao brings up that he is his decedent, doesn't that make him a god through birth? I mean even if he was only 1/100th god blood he possesses the powers of a god now. Does it matter that its as diluted as that?

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A friend of mine made this thread like four years ago... interesting.

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God?... No.

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...No Superman isn't a god. If we went by that logic, then all Kryptonians would be gods under the yellow sun, they don't really show any feats outside of what some non-god characters have done. Such as Saint Seiya characters, they're not gods, but they have done things that would make Supes blush with embarrassment The term god, means omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. Superman hasn't shown any of these feats, outside of Prime. Besides, it's not like he has unlimited capacity in his solar reserves, so... that's kind of a big plot hole for DC 1,000,000.

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every feat in religious books he can replicate

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There are many definitions that describe what a 'god' is or should be.

You're looking at it from a monotheistic standpoint, which is completely narrow and short-sighted on your part.

Thor is a god, but is not all-powerful or "omnipresent". If Superman were ever to appear to people of ancient times as Thor has, they would have likewise worshiped him as a god, carve stone tablets of his image, and raised temples in his honor.

Godhood in comic books is NEVER exclusive to omnipotence, omnipresence, or omniscience.

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Haha Billy Batson

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nah, he's just a garden variety alien who seems to have more hope for humanity than humans do.

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@juliedc said:

nah, he's just a garden variety alien who seems to have more hope for humanity than humans do.

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Not entirely like how Thor is, but yeah somewhat. It's the same way there treating Hyperion. The High Evoutinary even called Hyperion "sun god".

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He is. He is the most powerful being on earth... well not really since he's fictional but we cannot deny his powers and influence. He is technically a god.

Here's why:

a) he's immortal

b) he has incredible powers + he has more knowledge and wisdom than people

c) he uses his powers to do godlike things

therefore he is a god... or a demi-god. The terms in comics and even in real life are a little loose... We can categorize gods as beings of incredible powers who are immortal and use them for godlike things. Superman uses his powers for a "pantheon" of the "gods who do not call themselves gods" (Superheroes). Morals, ideals, ethics, and purposes are what these superheroes fight for. Hope and faith in these characters... I could argue saying that they are more godlike than actual gods. Also, you need to have semi-omniscience... Superman does have that. He can look into things where people cannot...

It'd take mre forever to write hwo Superman is the Zeus of our times but whatever. I'm just gonna argue he is for now lol.

Supeheroes of DC and Marvel = Norse and greek mythologies of now. Just waaaay better

*EDIT:(Just adding some more)

I think some people here are too short sighted. We're not just talking "Oh no he's not a god because he doesn't have enough feats!!!!"....

Be more open about this okay?
I say Sentry, THor, Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Silver Surfer are all gods. Superman Prime is a friggin god, second most powerful being in creation? that's godhood right there.

Superman is a better god than the title bourne gods, as Waid put it that Superman believes in people or sth like that. THat's a sign that he's something greater than us.

But a better look at "godhood" would be the New Gods. So how are THEY gods when you all say they require belief? New Gods get their powers from godpowers given by THe Source. They achieved the mightist of godhoods in the DCU through technology and understanding of the cosmos.
Orion said it best in the later pars of his mini-series

"Gods are not dependent on their worshippers; worshippers are dependent on their gods. And the New Gods? We're as old as time, constantly remade. Constantly reborn with each turning of the wheel. No WORSHIPPERS? FOOL!!! LOOK ABOUT YOU! Each time a mortal turns on a computer, puts a piece of bread in the toaster, opens a door, strikes a match, or wonders at the stars...he WORSHIPS at the altar of the New Gods. ...Every living thing that swims or creeps or crawls or walks recent into the forever night...dedicates its life to our service."

- Orion, to the defeated and blinded Arnicus Wolfram

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..but is he a "false idol?" To quote the bible directly, "you shall have no other Gods but me". (the second commandment) and "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below"..."You shall not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord you god, are a jealous God...". (3rd commandment).

So no, he is not a God, just a fictional character created 75 years ago for people's enjoyment...but it seems some people who take these things too seriously like to "deify" him

I'm a big Superman fan, but always get worried when people start banding the "god" title around. I don't even rate Thor as a God. Did he create the universe, Asgard, life etc, can he raise from the dead? No.

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This thread is absurd... he's an alien. Am I missing something? There was a planet of these beings. It's not like Asgard: if they die they don't come back consistently; their lives don't revolve around prophecies and legens; they created their own technology; their powers are dependent on the sun they are after, while Asgardians and other deities are always that powerful...

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nay . he is a mortal that has achieved great powers that are reliant on the right circumstances for his feats. without a yellow sun he needs nourishment, life span is severly limited to a few years and being able to be undone by desease, injury, and millions of other things. unable to lift any weight beyond his own with a body that breaks with force .and though his race is highly advance their knowldege comes from those before him, he himself doesnt nor can he get an understanding of the cosmos or spiritual things of the universe. A long shot from immortality or cosmic awereness ,spiritual one(demons and other such things exist).

even when under the yellow sun some of his feats are rival by other beings in the universe.sure he maybe something unseen in earth in all its creation but its a measly mud ball who hasnt seen all that the universe holds or has held.should martians be seen as gods aswell? their strength can rival a kryptonian and are even capable of changing their own make up at will with telepathic abilities without the need of an external object. Superman has bled by mortals finding away to take his superness away to other alien life forms who prove to be as mighty as him. should then any and all life form of great power be gods? i have to go so thats all i wrote

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No he's not, as much as people want him to be he isn't. He's an super powered alien who the only reason he didnt take over the Earth is because he landed in the Bible Belt and not somewhere else like say New York.

Imagine a Superman raised in fast paced cut throat NY instead of the sticks? We could have the most powerful mafioso in the galaxy instead of a goody two shoes with " Midwestern sensibilities".

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Rao says no.

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Well, he is just an alien but he is a god in the comics. Superheroes are gods. They're not real but they represent something. THey are a mythos all put together. Thor is a god... In fact the Judean God exists in DCU yet there are other gods. a mortal can believe in anything he wants, but cannot deny that there are godlike beings.

I think a lot of people who are saying he is not is missing the point. He is a god like teh gods of greece and asgard to our ancestors...

It's interesting stuff to put superheroes that way.

So Galactus is not a god? Eternity? Monitors? They are gods by standard

Here's the definition of "god" in a dictionary:


1 [without article ] (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

2 ( god) (in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity : a moon god | an incarnation of the god Vishnu.

• an image, idol, animal, or other object worshiped as divine or symbolizing a god.

I see Superman as a symbol and a powerful being. He is immortal. And gods do not require worship so yes, Superman by certain ways is a god. It makes things a lot more interesting for writers to write him this way as well.

My favorite version is Red Son. He is portrayed as a demigod. Also, who can argue that the JL is not a pantheon itself? It is filled with powerful beings, some are immortal, some's symbols are immortal....

I call these superheroes "the gods who do not call themselves gods". Gods are ideas and ideals, they're not real. Not the christian or the greek... But they CAN be real if there is a representation and belief, hope, symbol, and moral. You can believe in God and I don't. It's all about ideas. This is why I like DC more than Marvel sometimes, DC portrays its characters with some tone. Morrison wrote gods and superheroes like actual gods, as ideas. Kirby wrote the New Gods to write about how they are reflecting the changing world; the gods of the fourth world are not worshipped yet they are... (Technology and stuff). It's all about symbolism, metaphors, and ideas.

Superman is a god in fictional definition.

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No and he should not be considered to be

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Superman One Million is a god.

And Superman certainly has the personality to fit a caring god that people would be willing to worship voluntarily.

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@tradog said:

I say no and heres why Superman is not a god because, no matter what powers he has. Historically, Gods have always been creators. They have always been able to act outside human reality to create something new.

No, they haven't. Learn something about religion before you start trying to lead discussions about it.

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It doesn't really befit his characterization to actually be a god.

Perhaps fitting to be treated like one, or called one for dramatic effect, as he is very powerful, and tends mean many things to many different people.

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@atphantom: superman died before so hes not immortal and he was born with his powers

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None of you make any sense when you say Superman is not unique because there are other Kryptonians. There are other Asgardians to, and other Olympians as well. It's like NEVER letting one of you realize your true potential. But once you do you realize it you start to discover your godhead. Sups is practically a god. PERIOD. And one more thing Darksied is called a god killer and yet Sups fights with a killer of gods all the time and has beaten Darksied senseless before. Okay i just a better explanation. He's a demigod.

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Human beings in a mob

What’s a mob to a king?

What’s a king to a god?

What’s a god to a non-believer?



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Never has been.