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Hello, I have been a comic fan for quite some time now and have always liked batman and have read many of his comics/graphic novels.

I have been reading many New 52 titles including Scott Snyder Batman, but I passed on Detective Comics as it is based early in Batman's career and I felt I might get that "been there read that feeling"

But since the beginning of the re-launch I have kinda been regretting getting Detective Comics, so my question to batman fans out there is it worth reading?

New read prospective would also be appreciated.

Thanks :D

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Definitely not as good as Batman.

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It started off pretty good. It's alright now. I think it'll be good again.

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It's kinda mediocre..but I'm reading it because it's a flagship DC title..heck it's what D.C stands for...that and I hope it gets better.

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It's pretty awful right now.

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I thought the same thing actually and I have also decided to pass on it, so we're in the same boat except I'm fairly new to comics but have read quite a few trades from the library.

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@John Valentine said:

Definitely not as good as Batman.

or Batman and Robin. Still it's okay

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@FiguredOut95: The first arc was pretty good, but it lost my interest right after it ended. I recomend would actually recommend issues 1-4. If it makes you feel any better, Detective comics doesnt actually take place early in Batman's career, its right around present day. If you have been reading Scott Snyders Batman ongoing though, maybe the best thing you could do is try out issue #9 of Detective Comics since its a tie in to Night of the Owls, and see if you like it.

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It is pretty damn appalling.

The first arc was alright, but was far too short. It has been a train wreck since.

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It doesn't take place in Batman's early career. It starts in the present day. Only Action Comics features an early career.

I picked up D.C. with issue #1 and dropped it after issue #3. Just wasn't feeling it.

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It's very meh, which pretty much sums up what you get when Tony Daniel writes.

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I only grab it because its sold for $1 from a comic dealer nearby...and even for that price i question whether or not to continue picking it up.

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@Icarusflies said:

It's pretty awful right now.

Why? what do you feel is "awful" about it? Script? Art? I've read and seen a whole lot worse - take a look at AvX #1 for example - and I'm quite enjoying Detective at the moment

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Thank you all for your help :D