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Okay, so i've been like MONTHSSS behind on reading comics. I have them, just haven't read them. Im wondering, am I wasting my time? Like honestly, how much worth is in my comic collection? Like I have some I wont ever part from. But the others? Basically, I would like to sell my collection. I just don't know how much it'd be worth.

I own:

All of these are currently up to date and filled to number one.

1. Phantom Stranger

2. Wonder Woman

3. JLA

4. Vibe

5. Shadowman

6. Nova

And more that I cant think of.

Issues I just have:

1. All Blue Beetles.

2. Judge Dredd

3. Firestorm (1-18)

4. Aquaman (1 volume and some issues)

5. Hawkeye (volume 1)

6. Daredevil EOD

7. The Ray, signed by Jimmy Palmiotti

8. X-O Manowar

9. The Movement

10. Savage Wolverine

You guys get it, I own alot. Can anybody tell me how much this stuff would be worth? I also own Spawn #1, and The second PS series numbers 2 and 3. Would I be able to make anything?

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Also, this is just what I can think of. Not all I own.

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Modern Age comics aren't worth squat

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@danhimself: Could I not sell them for cover price? Like, 150$ for whole collection?

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@dtschemmel said:

@danhimself: Could I not sell them for cover price? Like, 150$ for whole collection?

Not to a shop or retailer if you want that much,

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@ximpossibrux: Well no shop near me buys anyways. But like on ebay? If I did say a grab bag of 15 comics for 20$?

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@dtschemmel: Well I sold my comics on Ebay for retail price to get rid of them, I switched to digital. To give you an idea I'll list what I sold.

Batman new 52 0,13,14,15 Annual 1 / Talon new 52 0,1,2,3 sold for $33 + shipping

Justice League new 52 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15 sold for $60 + shipping

Batman and Robin new 52 0,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 sold for $24 + shipping

You could try the bid thing, but that could take you a few months and Ebay charges $6 every month so I'd recommend selling them at a fixed price if your just trying to get rid of them.

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The bad thing about collecting comics is that we imagine that our comics are worth millions of dollars, but actually they aren't really that worthy. Current comics are hard to sell in a good price, but try your luck on ebay, maybe you can sell them for good price. (But if you have a really old comic or an important issue... well that is another story).

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@frostphoenix: Well I don't imagine mine being worth very much at all. They just take up too much room.