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If you haven't read issue 3 yet, stop or carry on at own risk

Just read issue 3, and I believe I said previously when I listed the issues SSM will be appearing in, what I said was that "this could be an important issue" and I believe I have been proven right, because what it shows is that Carlie just realised what Peter told her in 700 was true and the Peter that's in-front of her isn't Peter at all due to what he did to the Vulture. Although she doesn't say it out right, her speech and expression tells that whole story and is backed up by what Ghost Peter says. Because of this realisation, I have feeling that Carlie's life might be in danger from SpOCK and that it would visited down the line, possibly in issues 7+8

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if carlie dies...god help you slott...GOD HELP YOU.