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If there are specific issues or titles that are good would you mind telling me which ones?

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OOh you beat me to it!

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The only title I've seen "MUST HAVE" reviews for is Rorschach (big surprise.)

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I've avoided this mainly because I hate prequels.

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Ozy's book is cool.

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Ozy's book and Rorchach's, Nite owl's is goo too but meh

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I kinda like them, i LOVED Watchmen so they where all must haves for me... yet... as awesome as Watchmen was, they seem kinda... well forgettable. So far i like Minutemen and Rorcharch.. and even though i like the rest fairly much, they just end up bland.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

The only title I've seen "MUST HAVE" reviews for is Rorschach (big surprise.)

Well duh, Rorschach is secretly the Watchmen leader. Notice how he ordered Dr. M to kill him and he complied, and obviously he let himself get captured and go to prison just so Nite Owl and Silk would have something to do, hes modest.
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I like Rorschach and Silk. The rest (including Minutemen) I read the first issues, but they gave me no reason to read the second.

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Rorschach's is the best.