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So, I'm trying to add some diversity into my pull list, since I'm dropping Green Lantern, I wanted to add a female superhero and its between Wonder Woman and Supergirl, I know Wonder Woman is in the middle of a major arc but I am not that well aware of Supergirl, as in I have not read anything other than "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse"

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@thefirstlantern: why you dropping gl? I do hear wonderwoman is pretty good. I'd start at the beginmimg though with issue 1

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@martyyy15: I just don't feel like reading something on GL that is not by Geoff Johns, but no worries I still Have GL:New Guardians.

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I jumped on with 20. That or 21 would be fine places to try Supergirl.

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@thefirstlantern: oh i feel you there. Im tryimg to getmjis entire gl rum, thamks to digital comics I can. To me his run is themdefinitive gl story

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If you're looking to add a female solo title, I'd recommend Batwoman, but it's in the middle of an arc at the moment. Could be worth jumping on at the start of the next one though.

You could maybe try Avengers: The Enemy Within #1. It starts a crossover between Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble.

I don't read Wonder Woman or Supergirl, so I thought I should at least suggest things I do read, in case you're maybe looking to get more.