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So I recently made myself a collection checklist for issue of major story arcs that I need to get and managed to compile a list of over 700 books. This list only goes as far back as the 80s for the arcs and I had to leave out so many because I need to collect these ones before I go on to others. The list mainly compiles of Batman, Justice League, and a few Green Lantern arcs, but I also added Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Flashpoint event (if you want to count it as JL go ahead but I listed it separately) and Marvel's Secret Wars I and II. This list so extensive because I also managed to list all the tie-in issues. I also listed some key issues from the past couple of decades that could be a possibility if I get a few extra bucks to spend on myself every know and then... I anticipate this collection taking me several years considering I am in college now and after I complete my Ph. D. for Chemistry (Freshman in undergrad and I don't know what field of chem yet) I need to get a solid job as well. I also need to keep up with all the series I collect now so its gonna be a little at a time kind of thing.

I happened to have an extra twenty bucks lying around so I ordered the Green Lantern annual I missed and a 1st print of Nightwing #8 because I missed that too (got the second print but wanted the first). So I went through the list and stumbled upon the Batman story arcs, Year 3 and a Lonely Place of Dying which combined is Batman 436-442 and tie-ins New Teen Titans 60-61. Anyway I bring this up because this is the arc where Tim Drake is first introduced and where he first becomes Robin and the books were only like a dollar each for a mix of very fine grade to near mint. I was expecting that the first appearance of Tim Drake and the first appearance of him as Robin would be more than a dollar considering I thought that would be a major event in the Batman Universe but I managed to get all that after shipping and handling, bag and board for each book at 25 cents a pop, and tax for just $25.04. I'm not complaining just a little surprised that it turned out that cheap. Anyone else a little surprised?

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