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The story trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us has just been released, and it gives some more insight into (you guessed it) the story. But, it also gives a look at possible alternate costumes and, at least one possible new character...Hawkgirl.(1:49).

I realise that there will probably be an article written on this, but for now I've made this thread.

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I'll just embed the youtube version here for those that are too lazy:

I think it looks great! A lot of alternate costumes!

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@ADV215: Thank you !

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Is there anymore characters left to be announced or is the roster completed?

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@Dragonborn_CT:There's (quick estimate) about 8 ish spaces left.... Maybe a little less/more. But, nonetheless, still quite a few.

There's some rumours drifting that, at 1:47, Sinestro might make an appearance. Unless of course, it's simply Hal in an alternate costume.

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