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Hey everyone! I'm gonna make this short and sweet! The Injustice launch is finally upon us! AW YEAHYUH! I just wanted to make this thread for those of us getting it particularly for PS3. If you so wish to share your thoughts and opinions on the upcoming title OR want to add/follow each other online for the impending chaos...PLEASE DO! This will be one of (I'm sure many) threads to do so.

If you want, add me on PS3: CitizenJP

I'm gonna try and be on ASAP for the midnight release here on the east coast!

Good luck everyone! :D

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Add me, and die.

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Xbox Gamers : "Fine then. Be that way."

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I'll be on soon, maybe tomorrow, but I won't add my psn until I beat story mode.

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So ready for this game, but have finals approaching, so not much gaming for this guy :( Hope to hear goods things about the game from everyone in the mean time. Enjoy!