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All last month, I spent my time catching up on the best series ever that is Invincible (exaggerating, but its damn good). Anyway, I'm looking to expand from Marvel and DC, and I wanna know which indie titles are worth reading. Currently, I'm working my way through American Vampire, but I don't find myself liking it as much as I thought I would (it's still good, though). So, what else does indie have to offer?

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@Gambit1024: Although I'm only reading one Indie title, IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fantastic read that celebrates the rich history of the characters It depends on whether you're a TMNT fan though but it's the Indie title I wanted to read. As for any other titles, I'd suggest Saga by Vaughn, Manhattan Project by Hickman and also Morrison is doing a title for Image called Happy which is about a cop who can see a fictional talking horse. It's a strange mix of cartoon innocence and gritty noir that is typical Morrison. Like I said, I'm not a big Indie fan or expert but if I had more money to spend on my pull list, those are the titles I'd have a look at.

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Saga is a lot of fun, and you can get the first trade for five bucks at instocktrades.com. I'm loving Brian Wood's The Massive. Fatale and Mannhattan Projects  are really good, and I think you can get the first trade for ten dollars or less....

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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and The Legend of Luther Stride are great, I'd also recommend Gladstone's School for World Conquerors.

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@Gambit1024: Jeez where do I start, what kind of books to you like? Also do you just want current on-goings?

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@Gambit1024: have you tried the other Kirkman's? ie.The Walking Dead and Thief of Thieves? Both very good.

My indies atm are:

  • Snapshot
    Just came out this week, getting very high reviews across the board. Something different and real-worldy about a guy who works in a comic store and hit some VERY bad luck.
  • The Walking Dead
    #107 comes out this Wednesday. Almost always ends in a cliffhanger, great, short reads.
  • Dia de los Muertos
    It's really pretty...
  • Great Pacific
    A guy tries to colonize a floating island of trash in the middle of the pacific and soon realises he isn't alone...
  • Hellboy in Hell
    Another Mignola masterpiece. Again a short read, but really worth it.
  • Deathmatch
    Thought I'd try the obvious alternative to Avengers Arena...not as good imo but could be. If you're a fan of fresher superheroes, ie Invincible, it might be worth checking out for your non-mainstream superhero fix.
  • Clone
    A guy being hunted down by seemingly infinite clones of himself tries to find out why. Not the best, but good.
  • Rocketeer
    Currently between volumes, but Hollywood Horror is scheduled for release later in the year and I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Punk Rock Jesus
    Just ended, but I'd be doing it an injustice if I didn't mention it. The trade is due out soon. The best indie I picked up in 2012 without a doubt.

Hope this helps!

ps. Recently dropped indies:

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Don't worry, I'm here.
I've read good amount of indies and still reading and know a lot more.
Now you only have to tell me is your favorite characters, creators (or any that you're interested in), past series that you've read and enjoyed and genres, and I'll continue from there.

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Green Hornet, Bionic Man, and Voltron from Dynamite are all pretty fun.

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Wow, thanks for all the quick replies. Let me give you some more info, so you have something to work with:

@Jonny_Anonymous: @Billy Batson: My favorite character is Superman. Always has been. I'm also a huge fan of teen heroes that "grew up," such as Dick Grayson, Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Invincible, and Spider-Man. Oh, and I'm convinced that Daredevil and Hank Pym are Marvel's best characters.

As for the current titles I'm reading, my favorites are:

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Thor: God of Thunder
  • Indestructible Hulk
  • Daredevil
  • Hawkeye
  • New Avengers
  • Invincible
  • Aquaman (although my interest is slipping with the JL's involvement)
  • Avengers (it's quite slow, though)

My favorite creators are Robert Kirkman, Mark Waid, Joss Whedon, Mark Millar (until after Civil War), John Hickman, Paul Dini, Scott Snyder (his Nightwing stuff, really), and Dan Slott (but Superior Spider-Man's not so great). I dig Grant Morrison, but in small doses. His Batman epic gave me a headache. I'm looking for more current titles, but if you think that something will really fancy my interests, I'm open to it.

@Lvenger: I read the first two trades of TMNT. It wasn't bad, but I feel like I'd like it even more if I had the nostalgia to back it up (never watched the show as a kid). Is there a jumping on point, or should I pick up where I left off?

@Manbehindthewires: Walking Dead is something that I plan to get into sooner or later, but from I understand, I need to start from the beginning. Is that true, or could I get by on jumping on somewhere between?

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Rice Boy (Site has 3 different stories on it, Rice Boy and Order of Tales are competed and Vattu is ongoing. They're great for some interesting fantasy fare.)

Sam and Fuzzy(Probably best to start around the Love and War arc, maybe a little before that)

Gunnerkrigg Court(Starts out really slow and honestly boring, but it gets better)

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I remember recommending you 100 Bullets before. It's by Azzarello who's currently writing Wonder Woman. It's his magnum opus and essentially the crime bible in comics. Also, it's my favorite series.

Aaron, who's writing TGoT, finished his best work so far, Scalped, a few months ago. It's one of the most overlooked out series when it came out even though when it came out, it was one of the best series coming out. That's about six years.
Waid did some indie cape comics called Incorruptible and Irredeemable. Heard they were fairly good.

Fraction, who's writing Hawkeye, wrote Casanova (and still is continuitng it IIRC). It's even better than Hawkeye.
Also Chew is a current series and it's fantastic. I think you'd like it. Then again who wouldn't? It's half way finished so it's ending with issue #60.

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Oh and with The Walking Dead, you should start at the beginning for a better effect.

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@Billy Batson: Thank you kindly. I've also heard excellent things about Chew and Scalped. Incorruptible was a great read (it's free on thrillbent.com), and I was thinking about checking out Irredeemable too. What's your opinion on Saga?

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Irredeemable is awesome.

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@Gambit1024: I jumped onto Walking Dead at the start of Something to Fear (The Walking Dead #97) , which was less than a year ago with no prior reading and feel pretty in synch with it now. I'll probably attract plenty of hate by saying so, but following the TV series right through was a fast, enjoyable and cheap way to catch up on the characters. I know it's not perfectly parallel, but it did the job for me and meant I didn't have to grind through a pile of omnibuses (omnibi?).

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The best indies i read are Saga, Mind mgmt, Prophet (really awesome and worth picking up the first trade for, (remission) as it's cheap),

Also I just started reading Nowhere Men and that's been pretty good.

I also highly recommend trying some Valiant books, the first wave of trades are coming out at the moment, and are cheap. My faves are X-O Manowar, Harbinger, and Bloodshot.

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@Decoy Elite said:

Irredeemable is awesome.

Incorruptible is also awesome


Manhattan Project


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Listen to me closely

  1. Saga
  2. Mind the Gap
  3. Mind MGMT
  4. Fatale
  5. Bedlam

@Billy Batson: Zaucer of Zilk fan? RESPECT

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@Manbehindthewires: Why did you drop The Crow? It's only 3 issues.

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@Billy Batson: @Gambit1024: Incorruptible is better than Ireedeemable but they are both pretty awesome and while your at it you may as well check out Insufferable.

Like Billy says check out 100 Bullets and Scalped for all your criminal goodness and if you feel like you need more then check out Brubakers Fatale and Criminal.

Since you like Kirkman you should check out the other Skybound stuff like Thief of Thieves, Clone, Witch Doctor, Brit, Tech Jacket, The Astounding Wolfman, Science Dog, Guarding the Globe (the last 5 tie in to the Invincible universe) and of course the Walking Dead, but like Invincible, the Walking Dead is best read from the beginning.

I'm a huge Hickman fan and urge everybody to read his Image stuff so get the Test Patterns which collects all of it except the Manhattan Projects and Secret.

Other great books are Great Pacific, Saga, Hellboy, Punk Rock Jesus.

There are other amazing books that are not quite indie like the rebooted Valiant books, the best being Harbinger and the Dynamites pulp books like The Shadow, The Spider, Flash Gordon ect.

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Fatale, Sage, Y the last man in trade is phenomenal, pick up Savage Dragon Baptism of Fire, Ex Machina are all great ones.

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@Gambit1024: I'd suggest picking up where you left off with Volume 3 'Shadows of the Past' as that is an excellent conclusion to the Shredder arc. Personally I jumped in with issue 13 but that was fortunate timing given that the Shredder arc had just finished. A lot of what's going on in the ongoing series has been progression from 13-16 so get Volume 4 too. After that, if you want to, you can pick up issue 17 and follow on from there. Up to you though and you have plenty more indie suggestions from indie experts like Johnny and Billy to look at.

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I don't know if you're averse to digital comics but Comixology has (or at least, recently had) the #1s or previews for the majority of the books mentioned on this thread for free. I'd suggest just going and getting all the free indie comics with a decent rating on the app (again, that includes a lot of these books) and then just see for yourself. I haven't actually started following any of the ones I read samples of, but Fatale and Thief of Thieves struck me particularly well, as did Mind the Gap. I didn't like Saga but understood why other people do; same with Manhattan Project.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Manbehindthewires: Why did you drop The Crow? It's only 3 issues.

I picked up the first and it was poor, not even 10% the heart of other crow titles. I gave it another chance with the 2nd and it didn't pick itself up, wasn't even worth me getting the 3rd. It may have been down to how O'Barr had marketed it as this big story he'd kept locked up all this time, and how it was no holds barred etc...and it was none of it.

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@Manbehindthewires: have you read the other Crow ongoing?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Manbehindthewires: have you read the other Crow ongoing?

Purely the graphic novels. Was really excited to see an O'Barr series as it was coming off the presses! What do you think of the ongoing?

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Ha, I was going to read it a few days ago but had to put it off (was busy at the time). I'll read it later this week :p Love McCarthy.

@Gambit1024 said:

Incorruptible was a great read (it's free on thrillbent.com)

Thanks for the tip :p

What's your opinion on Saga?

I actually haven't read it yet (even though the first trade is for just ten bucks). I've liked BKV's other stuff but it just didn't make me feel like I was missing out on something. I'll read it eventually. Maybe when it's finished.

You should listen to NewKid and JairamGanpat. Mind MGMT and Prophet are great current series.

So are The Unwritten, The Massive, The Goon (doesn't come out regularly though), The Sixth Gun and Glory (Keating's run is ending in a few issues IIRC though).