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So suddenly, you wake up, you go get some cereal, and then, someone knocks on the door. You look through the window, a dozen freaking zombies outside. What would you do?

Hello, I'm new here. So I dont know if this topic has been spoken of but I'll do it anyways.

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Oh by the way, the zombies are Shaun of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead type

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I finish my cereal first :)

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Naturally speaking that those type of zombies are more instinctive and primal than anything else I'd simply outsmart them by throwing my fridge (wrapped in chains and all sorts of things) off of my roof so that they can play with that long enough for me to escape via roping down the other side hi-jacking the next best car and getting my ass out of the neighbourhood :>

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1) get scared

2) open the door for the zombies and take the key

3) trow a chair and anything else i can get and trow on then for hold then off

4) let they enter a bit

5) open the back door and lock it

6) go to the front door,close and lock it

7) take the elevator

8) run like hell to my car

9) take the car and drive out the city

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Get my chainsaw, put on a cape, steal a horse, ride around and chop off zombie heads

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i would grab my m4a1 and shot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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 Go out a window and walk around them, since they move about a half mile an hour :l

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1. Wonder why a zombie would knock first

2. Get a Crow Bar and Hatchet

3. Fight my way through them  to my friends' and I's ''In case of Zombie Outbreak meeting spot'' spot

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Matezoide said:
7) take the elevator
You never use the elevator in an emergency situation.
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pixelized said:
"Matezoide said:
7) take the elevator
You never use the elevator in an emergency situation."
i am badass,i can do whatever i want
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it doesn't hold the same weight when you have to tell people.

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Going to the attic.
I've got a huge window right by my door so I'm not gonna have time to get food.
Hope these aren't roof climbing zombies and they don't have to nuke the city.

I've actually thought this out before. XD

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I live in the hood,we get zombies knocking on our doors all the time,we call em crack heads.

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I'm totally prepared for this. Lots of heavy clothing with no skin showing, I have a katana, a machete and a sawed off shotgun.  Gas mask, without canister, trench coat, just pile it on. The real problem I imagine having is saving anyone I care about (like my girlfriend and mother) who are wussies and would freak out.

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This reminds me of this old t-shirt...

In Case Of Zombies T-Shirt

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Activate that robot army the governments have been building, and we all suffer a different apocalypse.  I still die, but at least it's in a nuclear inferno :).  Hooray for skynet.

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Get full body chainmail, leather jacket, leather chaps, leather gloves, full face motorcycle helmet, katana
i win, they cant bite me :P

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I wear full body plate mail, with chain mail underneath, and scale mail underneath that, and a great axe.  Bring it on zombies.

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I'd run like hell

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shark armor and crowbar.

enough said.

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I live in a little town out in the middle of nowhere, but our post office down the street has an armored truck. That's the first place I'm going along with a map of the US and Canada, a few rifles, plenty of food, water, ammo, very warm clothes and some extra gas. From there I jack the truck and drive north. Once I reach Canada, sneaking across the border will be cake. Once I'm in the colder parts, I'm safe. Zombies are pretty well exposed, they don't really have bodily warmth, nor do their bodies regenerate. Because of this, as they cross the frozen tundra of Canada, their muscle tissue is breaking down and deep freezing at the same time. Give it some time and shattering frozen zombies will become a very popular sport! I win!