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Im reading deadpool and the all new xmen i think i might try uncanny Xmen and hawkeye anything else to suggest? like any new volumes or comics that have a good story? im open to anything! :)

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@SatanOffspring:Batwoman, Justice League Dark and FF are probably my favourite series' at the moment, so them. :)

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RUN! Run away fast. They hook you to come back each week and it takes all you money. Then you end up mad all the time at the things they do but you just can't seem to stop. RUN!!!!

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@SatanOffspring: Have you considered getting, say, a TPB (trade paper back) that takes an entire run of a series and puts it into one book... That way, you can catch up on quite a bit..

However, if you're wanting to catch up on the Marvel universe, I'd suggest New Avengers Volumes 1 and 2... You'll definitely want to read:

  • Avengers disassembled
  • Marvel - House of M, Civil War, and Siege
  • X-Men - Legacy starting around issue 200
  • New X-Men volumes 1 and 2
  • and all things dead pool ESPECIALLY the Cable and Deadpool series that lasted for about 50 issues...
  • X-factor (the current volume)
  • New Avengers (EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!)

That's a lot.. but it's good to have lots of comics just waiting to be read.

Um.. Actually the following advice is better than mine....

@Dernman said:

RUN! Run away fast. They hook you to come back each week and it takes all you money. Then you end up mad all the time at the things they do but you just can't seem to stop. RUN!!!!
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There's Marvel NOW event at large now, so alot of comics are being renumbered. Like

Thor : God of Thunder

Iron Man

Superior Spider-man (It's pretty fun)

A+X (it's very fun, but if you want story, then you won't find it here)

Avengers etc.

You should consider reading Avengers vs X-men as it's, what started Marvel NOW and is the reason of All new X-men team's creation.

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All-Star Western


Justice League

Swamp Thing

The Flash



Uncanny Avengers

Thor: God of Thunder

Indestructible Hulk

Captain America

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id say jump on action comics at issue 18

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@SatanOffspring: There is something you need to know about Marvel comics. They LOVE Crossover events and it can get extremely annoying while reading X-Men books because if you're only reading All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, there's a chance that you're going to have to buy X-Men Legacy for 4 months just to get the full story.

HOWEVER there are some Marvel books that tend to be fairly safe from this curse.

1) Avenging Spider-Man is a very fun book to read and entire stories are often told in one or two issues instead of giant 6 issue arcs.

2) Superior Spider-Man is at a really interesting point in Spidey's life so if you want to read this, buy Amazing Spider-Man 698-700 first or you won't understand. :(

3) Indestructible Hulk is only 3 issues in and has Mark Waid writing it (Marvel's best writer at the moment, I'm not even kidding, bro) and Leinil Yu on art (Also an amazing artist. just google his work AWESOME). Seriously get this.

There are also DC comics and they have some really good stuff right now for new readers as well.

1) Earth 2. This is set in an alternate universe and is really an awesome book with good writing and art. There are only 10 issues out as well so it won't be too hard to find them.

2) Flash. This book is so much FUN to look at. It definitely has some of the best art in DC and has some interesting stuff going on story-wise as well. it's like 17 issues in though so you're going to have to buy this in trade (trades are collected editions) or online but it'll be worth it.

3) Batman is Batman and everyone is going to recommend it eventually lol.

Alas there is Image Comics. They're an independent publisher with amazing material coming out recently.

1) Mind the Gap - Mystery Thriller type story. Get it, Get it, Get it

2) Fatale - Dark, occult, noir, Cthulu monsters, long living beautiful women. This book has everything in it. Get it

3) Saga - Latest Sci-Fi epic in comics. It's been a huge hit. Look for reviews, they're all positive lol

Image has a lot of other good stuff too and I highly suggest as you start reading more comics to look into this publisher.

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@SatanOffspring: SAGA from Image Comics is the beat book out there by far only 2.99 and no Ads!! Hawkeye is really cool too you should definitely chrck it out. Also go for Batman, probably DCs best title.