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We all know that Jubilee was turn into avampire during the lame crossover Curse of the Mutants.

X-Men #2

She became an exceptional fighter BUT who don't miss the original Jubilee? The mutant that According to Emma Frost, Jubilee was one of the most powerful mutants she had ever encountered because her power was an enigma even the sentinel couldn't detect her. The writers kept killing her interesting development of a possible evolution to something more powerful and interesting than VAMPIRE. Well my confusing point is We saw blade 1 and 2 movies. If you follow the movie, the hottie bitten doctor Karen Jenson developed a cure for vampirism that could 100% cure a human bitten by a vampire even she said that could possible cure Blade, a pure vampire. The cure was effective because at the Second movie of blade, Whistler, his partner, was turn into a vampire. Blade rescued him, injected him with Dr. Jenson's cure, and in hours later, he was cure. I know that those times occurred at movie but the writers have used many characters from other sources such as FireStar (1st appearance: Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends #1), X-23 (1st appearance: X-Men: Evolution animated series season 3, episode 11) and others more. They can reintroduce Dr. Jenson's character to fix the vampire problem and even join the rank of the X-Club. WHEN THEY ARE GONNA CHANGE HER BACKKKKK?



Nation X #2
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ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What I don't understand is that since Wolverine's healing factor restored him to normal after Cyclops deactivated the nanites blocking it, why don't they just transfuse a large amount of Wolverine's blood into Jubille in order to cure her? Have they said why?

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@ComicMan24: She already received large doses of Wolverines blood in the mini. I think they don't care about why and like Jubilee as a vampire or something. Personally, as long as her character is intact and developing I'm okay. I love her in New Warriors because she finally got out from anyone's shadow and took point, and felt everything after was a partial throw-back from that development.

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@XMASCATEXE:I see. Thanks Cat :)