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You see here in Ireland we A) Have barely any comic books shops or book shops who sell comic books. My nearest comic book shop is over 100 km away. B) If you do find one the prices are mad, e.g $5 = €8 or €9 even €15 for Batman some weeks. where they should be €4 or less, C) The web store is even worse plus I can't get a DRM free version in .cbr.

It may not seem like a lot but for a poor (yes, seriously) college student I can't be spend upwards of 40 euro a week on comics when I could buy food.

I would love to be able to support the brick and mortars but I'm finding it impossible to even scrape the money together for one a month.

My Name is Niall and I'm a pirate not because I want to but out of necessite.

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I live in a village in England, and i understand your pain, but the Marvel Comics App is useful for issues I really want - and it's cheaper then ordering them to be posted

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I'm pirate because I'm evil :/

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I thought you meant a real pirate.

Most disappointing title ever, sir.

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@SynysterBear: Why can't you use Comixology? Since I can't afford to use the bus is it ok for me to steal a car?

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No offense, but I read this in an Irish accent from the word "Ireland" onward

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