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Now think carefully about this. If you could be one superhero or superheroine from "The Big Two" Marvel and DC (and their imprints) which would you be? You will:

-Have their lives completely

-You will be in whatever universe your hero lives in

-Have their spouse

-Have their powers/weaknesses

-If the hero(ine) is a genius, you will be too

-You will also have their burdens, for instance, if you were Tony Stark, you'd have to run your company as well as be a hero. If you were Bruce Wayne, you parents would be dead.

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I was going to say Peter parker but he is dead. So Batman.

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Aquaman. And no, I ain't tryin' to be funny, he has an awesome life (besides his son dying)

-He's the king of 70% of the Earth

-He's probably richer than most billionaires

-He's strong enough to toss tanks

-He's close to being invulnerable

-He's the leader of a powerful nation

-He can control some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet

-He has one of the most successful marriages in comics...which speaking of...

- he goes home to this every night:

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Wolverine or Black Panther

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Hyperman. Superman but without the crap.


Buck Marshall. Because life on the range might be nice.

Minor heroes lives are so much easier. Live as the Hulk with all it entails

...no way.

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Hawkeye. He's great at boats.

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