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Poll: If you had powers would you be a Villain,Hero or Anti-Hero? (51 votes)

Hero 35%
Anti-Hero 39%
Villain 14%
Depends on the power 12%

If it depends on the power list what power you would need for each category

Ex :

Super Strength - Hero

Super Durability - Anti-Hero

Super Smarts - Villain

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I often say that a hero should never kill util it's necessary, but if it where me I'm not sure if I'd be able to flat out take someone's life. So, in real life I'd probaly be a Superman-type hero.

Ah, who am I kidding? Villain all the way! }:)

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always anti hero. I DO WHAT I WANT!!! XD

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I'd probably be a benign, self serving, entrepreneur.

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Definately hero, with great power comes great responsibility. However if I had a stupid power like I could sharpen pencils with my nose i'd probably just be nothing.

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I'd be a hero for hire, so I'm not sure what that would qualify as. I'd work for whoever had the money, and I'd do the job they gave me.

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Ant-Hero. The best characters are Anti-Heroes. I would rather be a bad ass than a boy scout.

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I would do what benefits me and helps me get rich and have fun

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Hero. You can kill and stuff without being gritty and nasty like an anti-hero. Captain America and Wonder Woman manage, at least. And I wouldn't ever be a villain. No powers except ones that actually affected my thinking and personality would make me be a villain. That's not to say I wouldn't exploit my powers in some ways, but I would do it legally. Hero all the way.

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I'd be a hero. Anti-heroes are my favourite to read but realistically, they're massively controversial and set a poor example. As a legitimate hero I could possibly make a difference in one way or another. And I don't have it in me to be a villain.

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Superman at the beginning of the Injustice comics...that's the type of hero I'd be.

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I would get rich and do what I want.

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Hero (Your vote) 40%

Anti-Hero 30%

Villain 20%

Depends on the power 10%

weird pattern anyone?

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In this world, I just couldn't be a hero.

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I would be a little bit of each.

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I'd just like to say to everyone that picked "it depends on the power"

If it does,

You aren't a true hero.

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I'd be a Judge.

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Hero like spider-man or luke cage.

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@jwalser3: But would you be a Regular Judge like Dredd,A good Judge or a Bad Judge like Death?

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A hero. Not a boy scout. Depending on my mood though..

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I would aspire to do my best as a hero, though being human I feel like I'd make a few mistakes and cause some accidents so I'll call it safe and go Antihero.

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I'd just walk around using my powers to screw with people and not actually do any good or bad with them. So probably an anti-hero.

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I don't think I would be a hero or villain as much as I would be a nuisance.

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Straight up Dr. Doom style shenanigans from the get go.

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@doomdoomdoom: nice answer.

I would want to be a villain as 'evil' should always win as it has no rules. With the right set of powers I would be unstoppable. The bigger the powers, the more my ambition. I would incapacitate anyone who tried to stop me, without mercy, crushing all opposition. If I was Darkseid, Thanos upwards then it would really be trouble. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am not going to lie.

If you are a hero people at some point turn against you, people become ungrateful, that would annoy me. At least as a villain anything good I do will be welcomed.

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I would be an Anti-Hero. The city is full of thugs. They are the scum that needs to be put down. You can clean the pain that they've drowned the city in. Call me Omega Black.

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@jwalser3: But would you be a Regular Judge like Dredd,A good Judge or a Bad Judge like Death?

I mean select what they deserve as punishment. Not like Dredd were everything is 30+, and not like Death because well, he kills people because "life is a crime." More along the lines of actually deciding to kill some villain while keeping another alive.

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Anti-hero I guess. In a D&D alignment scheme I'd say it'd probably end up true-neutral leaning towards good.

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Anti-hero leaning towards hero. I would use my powers for good, but probably end up breaking the law (Ex: If there was a mass murderer/rapist/child molester/child murderer/spouse murderer out there I'd probably kill him. Would also probably steal from the rich and give to the poor Robin Hood style)

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Hero, naturally.

No question. No doubt.

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A hero that kills when nessecary. I will give them a chance to change, but they'd better take it.

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None of the above, unless I was forced to.

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Would depend on the powerset. If I had Taskmasters for example I would become the best guitarist, gymnast, chef, athelete etc... to ever live lol! No need for violence if I can go through life doing things like a boss. If not i'd be an anti-hero. I don't have the tolereance not to maim or kill people who really deserve it.