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We all know those great fighters through the many fictional universes have had trainers that have made them who they are. My question to you is: If you could choose 3 people from any universe to train you, who would they be? Also, include reasons why you would choose them. :)

Mine would be:

King Kai(Dragonball Z)

Chin Chinchin(Toriko)

Master Roshi(Dragonball - Dragonball Z)


King Kai - Various techniques like Kaio-Ken, improvement on strength and speed, Genki Dama.

Chin Chinchin - Food Honor and techniques like Food Immersion.

Master Roshi - Martial Arts, improvement on physical stats, using your energy(Kamehameha).

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Morgan Le Fay - Mystic Arts/Sorcery Of Unbelievable Power

Batman- H2H/Weapons/Problem Solving

idk bout the 3rd yet, maybe reed, or kang, someone with pure intellect and understanding of time/inter dimensional concepts

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Lol, only one other person had something to say? huh i:

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Taskmaster- H2H/ Weapon master improvement on physical stats

Bullseye - Accuracy,Precision and a master killer

Batman- Leadership, Tracking, Stealth, Intellect, Gadgets

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Might Guy (Naruto): Even if I don't possess any gift of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, if I end up anything like Rock Lee I'll be more than happy. If I do have a talent for ninjutsu and genjutsu, watch out!!!

Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece): Learning all 3 forms of Haki would be awesome. Combined that with the martial prowess of Rock Lee, unbeatable.

Zatanna (DC): If I could pay attention long enough to learn something from her, having magic on my side wouldn't hurt.

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Sephiroth - If you can swing a giant katana with ease, be proficient with magic, and look cool, then I want to be him. On the bat-sh1t side though.

Itachi - One of the most analytical ninja in Narutoverse.

Astroboy - Small but pack a big punch.

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Batman - Detective work, stealth, martial arts and weapons mastery.

Master Roshi - Learn basic Ki control, train in Kame-Sennin Ryu to surpass human limits, techniques.

Zatanna - Learn the forms of magic, control of the spirit and magical realms.

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Batman - Detective skills, martial arts mastery, and stealth.

Deadshot - Marksmenship, and firearms knowledge.

Bats' my favorite character, but I'm sorry, I'm carrying a gun if I'm going to be fighting crime.

Zatanna - Magic skills and mastery of the mystic arts.

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Batman: investigation, martial arts, stealth, and his many skills

Zatanna: magic

Wonder Woman: she's a warrior

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wildcat - martial arts

punisher- firearms training

dr doom - magic building my own armor, my own robotic doubles , etc

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Captain America, Martial Arts, Leadership

Iron Man, Tech

Dr. Strange, Magic

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Dr. Strange


The Joker... "but id save him for last, for when he tries to kill me i have Deathstroke and Dr. Strange talents to help me"

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Dr. Strange - Teach me the art of magic

Batman - h2h and tactics and tech

Sanji from one piece - teach me how to use that step he uses to basically air walk.

My weakness would be ranged weapons but I would have ranged magic and air walk. I'd take this over ranged weapons and grounded.

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Batman: Because he's Batman

Zatanna: I can learn vast magical abilities..plus she's hot.

Fourth Hokage: Cause he's just really cool.

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Hit-Girl, she's badbutt and can teach me basic superheroing.

Green Arrow, archery and martial arts.

Nightwing, martial arts, acrobatics, and how to pick up the ladies.

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Black Panther: Stealth, agility, decent H2H, and a decent knowledge on sciences and how to run a country ( who knows ).

Dr.Strange : Magic mostly.

Captain America: How to lead a group more powerful than I haha, strong will power, to know the greater good, and a pretty nice military tactician.

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Master Roshi, Ki and Martial Arts

Squirrel Girl, Power of PIS

Yoda, Jedi techniques and emotions control

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Iron Fist, Batman, Zealot

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Zatanna: I can learn vast magical abilities..plus she's hot.

Lol. Pretty much.

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black panther- for fighting skills, science and how to be a leader.

tony stark- to teach me how to be a playa like him

dr. strange - on how to use magic

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Reed Richards- science,math,and tech

Punisher-kill people, be a badass, and stuff

John constantine-magic and to become the luckiest person in the world

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Batwoman - For hand to hand. Plus i like her better then batman and i think she is just as good.

Danielle moonstar - Ranged and more hand to hand, leadership, determination. And weaponry, is a valkyior, trained archer, and lost her powers but still manages to kick butt with other x-men

Rachel summers- train me to protect myself against tp/tk attacks, train me to control the phoniex. ( im assuming this takes place in a world where all of this stuff is real)

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Piccolo (DBZ), Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece) and Shang-chi (marvel)

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Batman-Because he is the G@ddamn Batman

Reed-His Brain can STRETCH.

Luffy-Easy going

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Piccolo (DBZ), Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece) and Shang-chi (marvel)


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The presence and the one above all

I though you are going to say BATMAN.

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Captain America- general combat

Rhas al Ghul- sword fighting

Uncle Ben- teach me that "with great power comes great responsibility"

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Karate Kid

Captain America


Because they are the best.

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Lord Marvel


and Dr. Doom.