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What would you say to your favorite character if you could?

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keep doing what you're doing

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Please don't kill me.

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Well, I would tell Spiderman to pull himself together, but him not having done so already is why he's not my favorite anymore.

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"Whats your work out routine bro"

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"You don't have to smash all the time. This is why you dont have nice things."

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You are the beginning...and the end...of heroes.

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I would tell Spider-Man that he is the reason that I am who I am today, and that he should never stop the fight.

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To the following...

1. Jonah Hex: you are the original bad ass.

2. Aquaman: Is Mera as good in the sack as she looks?

3. Superman: you the man!

4. Batman: kill the Joker, we would all understand.

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"You're cool!"

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"Hey Bruce, what are you doing for mothers day?"

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to Kenshiro
Teach me Hokuto Shinken !

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Give me your powers

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Nightwing: Marry Babs already!

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Would it kill you to smile once in a while?

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As corny as it might sound, I would tell Scream Queen that not all humans are like the ones who hurt her family. Some of them do a lot of good. She wouldn't listen though ;P

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Though Barry isn't my #1 guy, I would love to have the chance to say: There IS always hope!

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"You guys look tired, sleep, I'll 'protect' those weapons"

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"Your face is epic"

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What was the address and room number for those radioactive spiders?

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"Hey Bruce, what are you doing for mothers day?"

You cold, heartless monster...

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you got the juice now....

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Lose the cape son

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Grow a beard, and keep it.

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do u wanna be my girlfriend ?

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let's go find the dragonballs. so i can wish to have super saiyan powers.

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Don't worry, you'll get resurrected soon.

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Get a decent action figure already would yah? Oh and a movie! >.> And bring Batman Beyond with yah.

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Let me borrow your hammer, I promise to give it back

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Can I use that for one shot?

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Girl, you best stop your shenanigans and cling to that Cajun before I do.

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"your parents are dead", then beats me up due to anger. Its an honor to be beaten up by bats. LOL

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Hal Jordan.

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ill tell superman

fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars,but at that point ill be dead cuz im in space with no suit

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I would want to ask Alfred how he can clean that entire huge mansion, cook, and take care of the Batman by himself

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Play Some Ape Sex!