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Flash. One of the best-looking books of the New 52. Its writing is at least on par (if not superior) to the other books on this list.

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This is a weird question, though slightly easier to answer since you provided choices.

As Red Hood is the only one on that list I'm actually already reading, that was a no-brainer.

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Hawkeye. Though if I can only read a DC title it would be Justice League Dark or Aquaman.

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I like Deathstroke, but his writing and plots have been sub-par the entirety of the New-52.

I went with Flash even though I have yet to own a single Flash issue, because he's simply awesome.

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it was earth 2 for me...

but i only read a few of those anyway.

although my choice would possibly (probably) change once lemire gets on green arrow...

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I haven't even read it, but I voted for it: Green Arrow. Jeff Lemire is a killer writer, he's bringing the character back to his gritty, street level roots, and Sorrentino's art looks amazing. I'm willing to bet that it'll reach the top of my reading pile when it's released.

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I had read both Stormwatch and Grifter. I dropped Stormwatch because there were better books out there and obviously Grifter got cancelled. I would go with The Grifter with a good writer attached off of that list. From the ones I haven't read, I would likely go with either Deathstroke or Green Arrow.

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great question. Chose flash as it's a good quality book all round. probably best bang for your buck.

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Flash......non DC woulda been Invincible.

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Flash.I know it's good and it will continue in that direction.

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Hard to chose between Flash and Earth 2...Went with Flash.

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Captain Atom is canceled, but I really did enjoy that series. The art was iffy at times.

@Chronus said:


I dropped Stormwatch after issue 10. Has it improved any? Starlin is about to start writing. So I'm kinda interested again.

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From that list, it's easy to say Flash.

Easily one of the best drawn books from any company, one of the best characters you could want to read, and this Manapul/Buccelato run is one of the most fun comics I've ever read.

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From that list, Earth 2. It's the only one I do read. That said, there at least 5 books I'd pick ahead of Earth 2 if we're talking all comics.

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@Manwhohaseverything said:

From that list, Earth 2. It's the only one I do read. That said, there at least 5 books I'd pick ahead of Earth 2 if we're talking all comics.


It's probably at least 10 for me....