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So, here's how it works. You are in a room that is completely empty except for a chair, and there is a door. If you could have any character come through the door into the room with you, who would it be? Keep the mind, the person is not just gonna go in and be "why hello there, would you like an autographed comic?". Batman could come in the room and start interrogating you for answers, it depends on what kind of character you would most want to be in a room with. So who would it be?

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Wonderwoman/Green Arrow

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Spider-man. Conditions wouldn't really matter

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@allstarsuperman: We've been meaning to tell you this for a while now, AllStar, but we think you need an intervention. You clearly have an obsession with Hit-Girl, but don't worry, we'll get you the help you need.

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Pixie from the X-men, so I can trip balls on her pixie dust power.......

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G'Nort. He'd be easy to convince that it'd be a good idea to make me a duplicate Green power ring.

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This is a tough one for me, but if I had no motive other than meeting someone. I'd probably go with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). Being someone who was crippled from a back issue, and couldn't walk, who also had surgery that allowed the use of my legs again, she is someone I can relate to, and as well, shes a red headed hottie, my favorite type <3

Now if I did have another motive, I'd say...Bruce Wayne, or Oliver Queen. I'd try to get a job, or ask for help with my financial difficulties. Basically looking for something better than what I have currently, but something that was possible for me to do. I mean both are rich, they got the cash to spare :P lol

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Luke Cage

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Nightwing,Tim Drake or Superman.

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I'd probably go with Superman or something.

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currently flamingo because she is experiencing lots of sexual tension and needs to get laid...

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Batman or Dream of the Endless.

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Superman. I would never want to pass up meeting the most iconic superhero in history under any circumstances. We would sit in that room and become the best of friends. And then at the end we would joke about how his New 52 version is sh!tty, fist bump, and he'd fly away.

Wow that really seems like I have it all planned out……It was on the fly I swear!!!

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Can the person be Cyclops? And can I have a shotgun aimed at the door?

In all seriousness probably Superman (pre52) just cuz he's a genuinely good guy and I feel like he would be cool to talk with.

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Are they allowed to kill you? If no, Joker. I'd really like to talk to him. He's actually really witty and makes me laugh sometimes. He mightprobably would bring something to psychologically torture me though. Either way it would make for the most interesting and memorable conversation in my life.

If they are, then I'd pick Peter Parker. He's a pretty cool guy and I'm sure we could get along.

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Probably Poison Ivy.

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wow. what a question!!! how do we base a response? On intellectual debate and questions, sheer entertainment, or some randomness? I want to give some really awesome answer like "metron, so i could learn and have a deeper understanding of the cosmos". But the creepy perv in me wants to say stuff like : " I choose Tigra, cuz she's hot for a cat chick and always portrayed as horny."

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Captain America or Superman. Mainly because I think they'd be the nicest. Hanging out with Wolverine or Batman would just be depressing. Spider-Man would probably get on my nerves. God only knows what it would be like to spend an afternoon with Deadpool.

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Emma frost/Spider-man.

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Barry Allen my favorite Flash!

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Barry Allen my favorite Flash!

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Superman and Iron man. :D

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Buffy/Cassie Hack One Of Those 2 !

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Power Girl.................