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If you could make a video game based on ANY character at all, who would it be, why, and what kind of game would it be?

I've always wanted to play a Darth Maul based video game. The gameplay would more or less mirror Force Unleashed mixed with speeder bike/star fighter levels and would follow Darth Maul as he runs various missions for Darth Sidious ranging from infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. Set in the days before Episode 1, Darth Maul serves as Palpatine's sword and undergoes various missions that help set the stage for the Dark Lord's ultimate end game. In the background, a select group of Jedi investigate Maul's missions and come one step closer to uncovering the return of the Sith. As such, Maul ultimately finds himself on a collision course with these Jedi and must take them out before they out his existence to the Jedi council and uncover Sidious' plans.

What game would you make?

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Did you just say ANY character at all? Why wouldn't I just pick a game character. I would most certainly pick Sonic. If it can't be a game character I might pick.. well I dunno, maybe Superman, he just looks cool (good for gaming), and I always thought I could show a thing or two how a Superman game should be done, unlike Superman Returns. Unless we're supposed to pick only characters that didn't already get their own games.

There's also X-Statix, but it's a team, not a single character, so that prob doesn't count. Also making that a game could be tricky, since some of the characters don't seem like they would translate well to a game, and there's the question of how to make it different from any other superhero game.

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

Black Panther.

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x-force, thunderbolts, dark avengers

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Deathstroke,It would have gameplay elements similar to Assassin's creed.

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  • Thor
  • Wonder Woman
  • Daredevil
  • Fantastic Four
  • Aquaman
  • X-men
  • And maybe Green Lantern
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x men

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The Flash, and I really like that idea.@CrimsonCake said:

Deathstroke,It would have gameplay elements similar to Assassin's creed.

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Nightwing, Impulse, Teen Titans.

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Green Hornet (they even talked about one in the comics)

Think of it like a mixture between GTA and LA Noire

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I think Image Comics "Saga" would make a great Final Fantasy like Video Game.

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A Free-roam Scarlet Spider (Kaine) game.

Just imagine a Spiderman-esque game with moral choices and brutal combat like Arkham City.

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He needs it.

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@Primmaster64 said:

Superman He needs it.


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Dead Pool. Equipped with witty banter & sidekicks!

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The Killer

...Oh Wait.

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Black Lightning and the Outsiders

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@TheCannon said:

How did I see that coming?

I like to hide my liking for certain characters.

Oh wait, you're being sarcastic, aren't you?

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@BlackArmor said:

Black Lightning and the Outsiders

"Black Lightning, and the Outsiders"...

I LIKE IT! DC make that an ongoing comic NOW!!!!

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@Superguy0009e said:

Green Hornet (they even talked about one in the comics)

Think of it like a mixture between GTA and LA Noire

They were planning to make one based on the movie but cancelled it.

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Flash vs The Rogues

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@FIash said:

Flash vs The Rogues

I just lol'd looking at your username.

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A Flash video game would be awesome.

Superman desperately needs a good video game too.

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A cyborg fighting game made in arcade style's texture similar to horror fighting game, Terrordrome. It just has to capture the essence of the arcade's flavor, doesn't have to be too rough. Characters are made with hand-painted sprites.

Top wish list for the roster:



Darth Vader


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Plastic Man. The possibilities are endless!

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Man, these are a lot of really great ideas!

@CrimsonCake: That Deathstroke game sounds sick, I'd definitely play that!

@ZEELLO: Yeah man, it can be ANY character at all, from any medium! Team based games are always fun so it doesn't have to be constricted to just one character. Also, Sonic is awesome! I've been an avid blue blur fan since the good ol' Genesis days, so I totally back you up on that!

I've been thinking since I posted this, and the game that I would most want to see made is a full on Spider-man Noir game. Shattered Dimensions teased us with 3 really fun levels, but I want MORE!!!! Give us a full on game with the same Arkham Assylum mechanics, now THAT would be awesome!!!

I would also love to play a game based on the black-ops Flash Thompson Venom. It would obviously be a shooter, with symbiote gameplay like Web of Shadows mixed in as well and would involve Flash chasing down Carnage who would serve as the game's primary antagonist, much in the fashion of "Carnage USA."

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Dial H For H.E.R.O.

with a character creation sanbox, you can call up different heroes as you need them, or set them to random.

used in the same vain as GTA or even Arkham City

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Squirrel Girl. It'd be like The Misadventures of Tron Bonne or Pikmin where you command armies of worker-squirrels against Marvel villains with the mad-cap style of the Ultimate Spider-Man tv series. (It would have to be written by Dini, though.)