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sorry i couldn't fit it on the forum but if you could get rid of one character,bring back one character from both marvel and dc who would it be?

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I'd like to see Jade back in the DCU. She's always been a bit under used though. I think she should be in the JSA, or maybe in the League to represent the commitment of the other Lanterns to the new Corps. I dunno who I'd lose. During the 90s, it would have been Guy Gardner, but I like him more now. Probably Jason Todd, little Red Riding Hood should have stayed dead.

I've no real beefs at Marvel, so there's no one I'd want to lose. I don't like the way they punked Cap, but he'll be back soon I imagine.

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yea but i want cap back

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I'd like Cap back or Thanos back.

To be honest I'd like to see the new wolverine dead and the old original one brought back

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Dead, maybe the Sentry just cause he isn't really needed. I would say Thor but he is already coming back so I would probably bring back...hmmm. I guess Captain America.

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I would definitely bring Cap back.

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I'd kill Batman and bring back THANOS!!!!!!!

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also i would bring the surfer if he dies