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If you had the ability to change one aspect of any one hero to make them better in your eyes, what would it be?

Keep in mind giving them extra powers wouldn't necessarily make them better, because then their books would get stale. If Batman had superspeed, his villains would all be locked up in under a week. If Wolverine could teleport, no one could possibly oppose him. It wouldn't make the comic or the character better.

My choice is Shazam. I really like Shazam, I love that he can go toe to toe with Superman, but the fact that he's a preteen just bugs the hell out of me. All I'm asking is finally make Billy Batson grow up a little. Get him into his late teens, or even his twenties. Knowing that Black Adam is really just beating up some child takes the gravitas out of the situation.

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Hulk, I'd make him a little faster not Superspeed fast but faster.

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Make Superman not bench-press planets?

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@maccyd said:

Make Superman not bench-press planets?

This x1000

Make him like the animated series, strongest on the show, but not overpowered and pulling feats and abilities out of his ass.

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Spider-Man. No more whining and jokes.

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@havenless: Sleepwalker...I would change him from an alien into a being originating from Nightmare's realm. He'd be an exile who tried to stage a mutiny and take over the realm. He'd have been defeated and banished to this dimension forced into a human host or prison depending on how you look at it. Sort of a cross between Ghost Rider and Demon's origins.