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this can be very fun and if i was able to be afforded the oppertunity id love to do something with guardians of the galaxy and or green lantern. ipick those because i have a passion for scifi and space and i think i would be able to bring something fresh to both franchises

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Hercules (Marvel).

I'd like to write him because he's my favorite comic character and because I feel he has a lot of potential to be explored.

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Superman. I believe i could make some great improvements, in redefining his cultural significance. I would give Supes a much more challenging rogues gallery.

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The Phantom Stranger as his treatment in the New 52 has been utter crap and he deserves better.

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There are lots I'd want to tackle, but I think at the moment I'd want to write Riddler, the Question, or Spider-man. The first two because I think it'd be fun writing characters that are purely intellectual and detective-y, and Spider-man because he's my favorite character and I could write a superior Superior for a while before bringing Peter back.

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Hawkeye or Spider-Man because I like them lol

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The Martian Manhunter and I´d give him his own series which will explore his past to show how he became the hero he is now and have him fighting existing and new characters.

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Harley Quinn.

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Red Lanterns

They are not on the path I would take them. I would go for a demons in space theme. And really make it scary.

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Batman, so many potential stories never told that would further re-defined the mythos and characterization of Batman

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Abigail Van Elstine, Top Cow's necromancer because she is a character with so much potential that was never allowed to be realized.

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My own idea:L'âge de vie(The Age of life)


-Looks like i'm good at Impro MDR(Mort de Rire)-

Existing Character:Captain Marvel(He needs a lot better)or Superman


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I'd go for Superman - my personal favourite character and one that I also think I could bring back to the top in tems of cultural relevance and showing exactly why he was the first and (IMO) the best. But we all think we know the best way I guess, right?

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I'd write Wolverine and do his complex character the justice so many modern writers fail to give him.

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Green Lantern. Space cops, hell yeah. Him or wolvie

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I'm a pretty bad writer, so I'd probably just end up ruining the reputation of my favorite characters....

I would love to one day pencil Daredevil with Mark Waid, or Batman with Grant Morrison, though.

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I would write batman and kill him off

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i would write wonder woman she is my fav comic charchater and she is so under rated

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I'd say either Daken or Gladiator but it'd be a mini but i'd go into depth about Gladiator & his past plus i'd show on panel every feat marvel has ever said he could do like tearing apart block holes cracking moons apart with a punch so forth , Daken i'd try to get rid of that heat story hahaha i so hated it .

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@mitran: I can't express the levels of love I have for your avatar. Best. Comic. Ever.

Oh and The Question.

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@spinningbirdcake: Thanks! I agree. C&H is the one comic I would recommend to absolutely anybody without hesitation.

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I would probably do Surfer. I would do an anthology, like the Hitch Hiker, but in space. He would be Galactus' herald, but would also be approached by The Living Tribunal would assign him the duty of monitoring a series of planets that may need to be shut down. So the Tribunal would give Norrin the job of deciding. There would be other recurring characters, and Big G and the Tribunal would be more deeply characterized and defined in their roles.

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@cooldes said:

I would write batman and kill him off

Huuuray!This said lets be realistic,Batman will get you no matter where you live!


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I think I would choose Monica Rambeau. I think she's deserving of a solo series, but has never had an ongoing, only having two one shots with her name on them, the second of which was nearly 20 years ago.

There are other characters that I like, and would love to make decisions for like Batwoman, Carol Danvers etc, but they have had titles, and will probably continue to do so.

So if I could only pick one, I'd take the opportunity to give a chance to a character that may not get one otherwise. I think that's a fair way to do things.

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For me there is only one choice. And that is the Ragman.

A guy that holds tormented souls within the "rags" of his costume. And can use those souls to augment his own abilities, whilst imploring those souls to help him so that they may be granted entrance into heaven is for me one hella awesome character.

Plus I really enjoyed the Shadowpact. I am drawn to more mystical and magical types and I believe I could take the Ragman to a different level...

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"can"? I assume everyone has word processor on their pc...

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Cloak& Dagger

Blue Marvel

Luke Cage

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Nightwing bcuz hez my fav character an i think his soloz hav never gotten him to his fullest potential

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Black Mask. I would do it to give him his defining point so people take him more seriously and recognize him as the great villain he actually is. I also wouldn't mind writing anything that involves Sith either. I cant pick a specific Sith at the moment so... yeah.

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Mine would be a Cyclops ongoing.He would fight Sinister, work with Cable it would be awesome.

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Young Avengers. Never read them myself, but it sounds like a title I could write.

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I would want to make a series on Bane. Anarky. Deathstroke. For a hero, I'd do Flash.

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I'd want to write Deadpool because you can do anything you want with him no matter how ridiculous.

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I would like to write a solo series featuring both Colossus and Shadowcat since they are one of my most favorite couples and have them fight various villains together like Reed and Sue do for Fantastic Four.

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Booster Gold.

I'd love to write something more comedic than gritty

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If just one character, then Power Girl. I would try to have the readers take her more seriously. Explore her existential crisis of being the only survivor of a dead universe (I would bring back pre-52 PeeGee) twice over. I would focus on making people see her as more than a sexy girl version of Superman.

If I could write a team, it would be the JSA. I would follow up on Geoff Johns run and explore them as a multi-generational team with WWII heroes and established heroes teaching teenage heroes. Maybe bring focus on people seeing them as the B-team to the JLA.

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Right on.


You know, I stuck out the current (is it still going on?) series until about the 3/4th issue with Rankorr (sigh) but couldn't take it anymore. I'd hope you could get it back on track.


I'd go for that.