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That if for some reason the Multiverses were forced to fight each other, who would win? Batman versus Kingdom Come Batman? Silver Age Superman versus Elseworld Civil War Superman? But maybe the better question would be, which of these fights would prove to be the most spectacular and actually worthy enough to be a story itself?

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There was a mini series : Countdown Arena.

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@colonyofcells: That didn't contain all of the alternates as far as I can remember, but I did completely forget that thing existed until you mentioned it.

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@Mastercodex said:

@colonyofcells: That didn't contain all of the alternates as far as I can remember, but I did completely forget that thing existed until you mentioned it.

No surprise. It was highly forgettable.

Hmm, a fight I'd like to see? How about Generations Batman after the ultimate Lazarus pit from the year 2919 vs the Batman of the 853rd century from DC One Million.

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I have no idea which one I should bet on

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@Mastercodex: Well. I'd imagine it would be a pretty good bout. Lets take a look

Batman One Million


The Batman from 2919 (Bruce Wayne at the end of of John Byrne's Superman & Batman: Generations)


Both Batmen are going to have access to alien tech like Kryptonian as well as magic if they need (Bat1mil from Justice League Alpha and Bat2919 from sorceress Lana Lang). Both Batmen can achieve interstellar flight with their spacecrafts. Both Batmen have some sort of upgraded tech in their suits. Bat1mil has been shown to have flight, light invulnerability, and enhanced strength all standard in his suit (among other things). It's much harder to determine what Bat2919 has standard in his suit as we don't see in much in action. However, it's material seems to act in the manner like a symbiote as it can turn liquid and rearrange itself. Overall though, I'm going to bet that 86th century tech is going to be a lot better than 30th century tech. Soo

-------Advantage: Batman 1,000,000


Both men are originally unenhanced humans. Both men are stated to have trained to peak human capability. However, I think Batman of 2919 has a couple serious advantages here. Bat2919 bathed in the Lazarus pit with Ras Al Ghul. When Ras died Batman absorbed his life energies. This not only restored Batman to prime but gave him effective immortality (he ages about one year for every 100). However, it's unknown if absorbing Ras's life energies increased Bruce's physical strength or any of his other abilities (in fact I'm pretty sure it didn't). Soo

-------Advantage: Tie. In terms of pure physicality I don't think either one of these men should have a clear advantage of the other.


Batman 1,000,000 is a master inventor, scientist, martial artist, linguist, detective, tactician, acrobat, marksman. So is Batman of 2919. It's stated that Batman 1 million has never missed a shot and that his skill as a martial artist surpasses that of even the Karate Kid. That's impressive. However the Batman of 2919 has been active as Batman since 1939. That give him 980 years worth of active experience. 980 YEARS.

-------Advantage: Batman of 2919. Batman 1,000,000 is impressive, especially if he's truly better than Karate Kid. However, I can't believe that it can compare to Bruce Wayne with nearly a millennium worth of experience in everything from martial arts and strategy to super science.

And that is pretty much my breakdown. If you get a chance you should really read DC 1,000,000 by Grant Morrison and Superman & Batman: Generations by John Byrne.

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@Onemoreposter: I read the million series some time ago, but I hadn't seen the Batman 2919. However the premise of that being, as you stated, a thousand years of experience. Batman Mil has a lot of initial advantages for simply being in a more advanced time, but if they were to face off, it could be anyones game.

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@Mastercodex: Yeah, and the Batman of 2919 has the distinct of advantage of being Bruce Wayne. Almost no one ever beats the Bruce.

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Deadpool (From Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) kills them all

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bruce for the win

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@Bogey: Not really sure if that even counts considering that was more of a giant joke thing as they ignored how the characters would have done things. Like spiderman pretty much had a non-existent spider sense in that.

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@Mastercodex: I would think Deadpool's fourth wall ability circumvents Spidermans spider sense, especially after his brain rewire killed off his two comedic inner voices and the cold but calculated voice emerged. I'd have to look back at their previous comics together to see if that holds true when he wasn't as dangerous.