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...Would you still dislike it?

I put a spoiler warning in the title but I feel like I must say it again: this thread contains huge spoilers for Iron Man 3. If you plan to watch it and don't want a major part of the plot to be totally spoiled, I'd strongly suggest you stop reading.

But, if you're like me then all a spoiler warning does is just compel every fiber of your being to read it anyway. But, you can't say I didn't warn you. :P

So anyone who has watched Iron Man 3 will already know about the whole Mandarin plot twist.

Personally, I really liked the movie, I thought it had awesome action, hilarious humor and great character development, and, in my opinion, the Mandarin plot twist was great. But, I didn't know much about the Mandarin till the movie, and I can understand how fans of the character would be angry going to the theater expecting there favorite villain only to have him be an actor.

So, if it weren't for the plot twist would you still have the same opinion about the movie?

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I love Iron Man 3, but I think I would love it more without the twist. It made me disappointed and, frankly, I can't see the reason for the twist. Shouldn't Marvel have realized it would upset many fans?

Though I disliked the twist Sir Ben Kingsley did a MARVELous job as "both sides" of the character.

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Iron Man 3 was rather disappointing. Tony Stark came off as really annoying in this film. Also the wrap up at the end seemed pointless, especially if that operation is all it took to take the shrapnel out of his heart. The after credits scene wasn't worth staying for.

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Well, I do prefer movies with an unexpected twist in them, so I might be a little biased.

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@battle_forum_junkie: Id probably like it less. here's my reasoning; if it didnt have that plot twist, Mandarin would probably be ruined and just be a random terrorist. but....

if it didnt have the plot twist and Mandarin had all his rings and an awesome fight with Iron Man in the end, then yeah Id probably like it more. but that's really hard, I really loved this movie, if that had happened it might even surpass the Avengers in my eyes (not really but it would be super close)

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Ironically enough, I had a lot of problems with the film, the plot twist wasn't one of them, so to answer your question, if the twist wasn't there, I'd still give it a C.

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I would love it at the same level it is at now.

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I would love it at the same level it is at now.


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The film was generally underwhelming for the most part, but if given the choice of not using the Mandarin whatsoever or getting what we got, pretty sure the vast majority would rather the former over the latter.

IM3 had it's good parts and points but was so uneven it is still the weakest of the trilogy IMO.

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As someone who thinks that the Mandarin is a lame comic book villain, the plot twist made me love the movie even more.

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I would've love it better with out the twist. But it was kinda funny

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I thought the movie was really good and the twist made it better. I probably would of liked it less but not by a whole lot.

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It would have been Boring But still better

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the twist was the BEST part. get over it people.