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Poll: If Batman Had a choice Would He Take Powers? (35 votes)

Give Up The Option To Take Power 40%
Take Power Of His Choice 60%
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I think Batman prides himself on the fact that he is a man who has built himself into a legend through sheer will power. He would refuse superpowers on the basis that he truly isn't a self made protector of Gotham if he took superpowers.

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Obviously, why wouldn't he?

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Probably. Batman uses whatever he can get in his arsenal. If that includes superpowers, and they don't weigh him down or risk running out, he'd be more than happy to make use of 'em. As long as they're not reliant on someone else or an external source.

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I don't think so. He has the option of going all Iron Man with his upgrades but he hasn't. Why? Cause he's contented with what he has. I think the same goes with his powers. Perhaps he may be agreeing to the usage of powers temporarily but not in the long-run.

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He rejected getting a green lantern ring. So I'm gonna say no, he wouldn't accept powers.

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Batman already has the power of money.

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@vortex13 said:

He rejected getting a green lantern ring. So I'm gonna say no, he wouldn't accept powers.

That wasn't exactly free of attached strings though, was it?

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In Batman's eyes, he is waging a war on Gotham and the madness it stands for. If Batman was given the choice to have Luke Cage's powers or even Spider-Man's powers, I don't think he would hesitate one second.

Obviously he'd reject a Green Power Ring or Qwardian Power Ring because of the corps he'd be joining to get them. Even Mjolnir comes with the responsibility of protecting Asgard..probably.

I think it just depends on the powers, but if he had the ability to choose whatever he wanted? Oh he'd jump on it. In a heartbeat.

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Batman isn't stupid he would take the power.

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I'm going to say yes. I'm far from an expert, but he made a vow to do whatever it takes to rid Gotham of crime, so what happened to his to parents would never happen to anyone else. If he had the choice I think he'd take it.

But, then it just wouldn't be Batman, would it?

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Yes. Batman would want to do anything he can to protect Gotham. If he has powers, he would be even better at catching criminals.

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@vortex13: if he took the green lantern ring he couldn't protect Gotham City most of the time. He would be wandering space and fighting aliens while Gotham City is left alone with the Joker

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I can see Batman do both. On the one hand, he wouldn't take powers because he doesn't trust superpowered people because they rely heavily on those powers, tend to be useless without them, or are most easily manipulated and become a great threat when turned to the dark side. However, on the other hand, I could see Batman wanting superpowers simply because it would make his job so much easier and he would be able to handle so many more situations.

Although...it can be argued that Batman, for as much as he seems to be human...does seem to survive what would normally kill other humans, so....

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He would probably take the power.

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I think that he would obviously choose a power that matches his present skill set.

Perhaps increased durability, maybe enhanced strength...a healing factor would be useful too.

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It would be cool if he some how used magic with his tech. Like Black Panther perhaps. Then when people believe whatever b]Batman is doing is PIS others would say he is including magic with his tech.

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Considering the Super Powered foes Batman goes against on a regular bases, i would say yea, perhaps something along the lines of enhanced durability, and maybe slightly enhanced regenerative capabilities, basically something that puts him just above human, much like an enhanced human.

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He wasn't exactly holding back when he gained Superman's powers in issue ?? of Superman/Batman, and I also recall that he regretted it a bit when he lost them again.

I think he'd use them, provided there were no strings attached. I'd love to see more stories around this (not earth prime though).

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It would really depend on the power. If it has even a small chance of hurting someone else he won't. But there are plenlty of powers that wouldn't harm some one he didn't intend to.

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Yes, I definitely think he'd want superpowers. While he may be a character that prides himself in what he's attained through years of training, it seems pretty obvious to me that he's also envious of those who were given the means to fight crime without enduring such rigors. The Superman/Batman story arc where Bruce gets Clark's abilities really shows us how he'd feel about getting superpowers.

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He would take powers and use them in innovative ways others have never thought of to rid Gotham of crime.