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Still never seen a single episode of the show, but since it has Tara Strong in it, it's awesome by default. She was at a comic con in my area earlier this year, I wanted to go, but I couldn't go :'(

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i will read it high, just for kicks

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Brony reporting in! Ha, I will be definitely reading this!

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The cartoon was cute and pretty funny, though I don't think I need a My little pony comic good for you bronies though.

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Yikes...not really into it but ah, guess to make people happy go for it.

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I was thinking about this weeks ago. I was thinking"if they made an adventure time comic, what is to keep them from making MLP comic series."

we will see how this turns outs

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Now we are allowed to add their profiles. This is also chance to spotlight the background characters. If there is an error there are the changelings for the excuse.

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I don't call myself a brony, but I do think it is a good show. I'll pick up the first issue and try it out.

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OH GOD NO!!!! run! run for your lifes!!!

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If they do to it what they did to TMNT it'd be awesome......and also kind of disturbing

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I am skeptical about this. I think it good do just okay.

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@jwalser3: Just "okay"? Why do you think that?

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@Dracade102:Honestly I think its a 50/50. I like the new show, I think its cute and can be funny at times. But the idea of monthly(or weekly) comic coming out focused on MLP could do just okay. I mean what do you think would go on? Also I don't know if it could pull off the same cute factor the show has. Like I said I think it will do just okay but it isn't out yet. So my opinion can change.

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Hellz yeah! This is going to be so awesome!

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Should we tell ?

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@htb106 said:

Should we tell ?

I'll review the hell out of it.

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Fudge yeah! Bumping to show support. That's a good enough reason, yes?