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These are some ideas for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Please tell me what you think

1 Iron Man vs The Hulk Movie.

2.Captain America and Falcon Team up movie .

3. Strike team Delta Movie with Hawkeye and Black Widow

4.Guardians of The Galaxy 2: The Planet Hulk

5. Thanos Movie that focus mainly on him and set up his Avengers showdown

6. Thor and Loki Team up movie

7.Nick Fury and Shield Movie

8. Nova corps Movie

9.Howling Commandos Movie

10. Do one big origin movie divide it up in 2-3 parts, Each part tells the origin of a different superhero

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Howard the duck..

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Forget team ups where is my goddamn Black Panther movie?!

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Moon Knight.

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1. Black Panther

2. Ms. Marvel

They don't need to do too many team ups, this sounds like Waaaay too much. They should stick to Avengers

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Make the last MCU movie a team up between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy against Thanos; based on the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Falcon is all ready in The Winter Soldier and Thor and Loki teamed up in The Dark World

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Cloak and dagger



immortal iron fist

Dr. Friggin. Strange.

For gods sake a properly done daredevil!

Rebooted FF franchise

Silver surfer solo film

scarlet spider

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Several of the things you listed were done or would be terrible.

Here's some films they should make:

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Dr. Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Luke Cage
  • Power Man & Iron Fist (sequel to Luke Cage)

And films that should be made that don't connect to the MCU:

  • Daredevil
  • The Punisher
  • Moon Knight
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Luke Cage

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Thor and Loki already kind of happened

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A Doctor Doom origin movie.

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Several of the things you listed were done or would be terrible.

Here's some films they should make:

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Dr. Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Luke Cage
  • Power Man & Iron Fist (sequel to Luke Cage)

And films that should be made that don't connect to the MCU:

  • Daredevil
  • The Punisher
  • Moon Knight

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil are getting their own individual Netflix series along with Jessica Jones, culminating in a Defenders series with all of them together. And presumably, connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So... Movies kind of don't need to be made for them.

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1. Squadron Supreme (based off of either 1985 or 2006). One of the best stories I think that tells how Super beings would actually act in a world where they were the only ones with powers.

2. A Doom movie would be amazing (sort of a Hannibal type film showing the rise of one of comics greatest characters)

3. Moon Knight would be an epic film , bat-man'esque with a mystic twist, plus far more violent

4. A Lantern Movie that was actually good (one that covered all rings) that didn't just focus on one green lantern. (they could make it star wars level)

5. Heralds of Galactus Movie/ Silver Surfer. This could be the most epic of all comic movies, so many great characters with the opportunity to showcase some incredible battles.

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@uncletron: about the last one reminds me of the 3 season netflix series that's coming out for daredevil luke cage and iron fist

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whether we like it or not, I do believe we gonna at somepoint have team ups. I say the Most profitable one would be the Iron Man vs Hulk movie. True RDJ don`t wanna do anymore solo films and true Marvel probably skeptical of a Hulk solo film. But I think this could really happen cause remember RDJ only said he`s not for solo films But if you put Hulk in it this could Rival Batman vs Superman. Plus Hulk wouldn`t have to carry the film alone.

Then also The Nick Fury Shield Movie is needed to go deeper into their background. And last the Thanos villain movie I say cause I`d love to see the true seriousness of his power before his showdown with The Avengers

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I want a Hulk film, he stole the Avengers from everybody's feet.

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a Doom origin movie does sound awesome and it can be called 'Doom'

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It'll be a cold day in Hel before they do it, but I'd like to see a Man-Thing film based on the actual character. Maybe throw in the original Foolkiller and a pre-sorceress Jennifer Kale.

I'd throw my support in for a Doctor Strange film for sure. Until that happens, I'll have to make due with the animated film and the Full Moon film Doctor Mordrid.

A Deathlok film could be good, as possibly could one based around Sleepwalker, Daimon Hellstrom, Cloak and Dagger, Morbius, Jack Russel, Namor, Ka-Zar, the Inhumans, and the Eternals. Period pieces with the original Black Knight and some of the western heroes like Phantom Rider, Two-Gun Kid, and Kid Colt could be fun as well.

Marvel has a lot of untapped gold mines if they really wanted to use them. True they want the name recognition of their strongest selling characters out there, but remember, Blade was pretty much an unknown character until the films boosted him into the spotlight.

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Hawkeye and Agent Maria show with Black Widow cameos.

Not a movie but I don't care. Anti-disestablishment FTW.

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Secret Avengers

The team would be Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), Black Widow, Hawkeye, Union Jack, Ant-Man, Spider-Woman, War Machine

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Defenders movie


Iron Fist

Luke Cage

Moon Knight

Ghost Rider

Jessica Jones

Dr. Strange

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Team ups are unnecessary. Hulk vs Iron Man movie? Waste of money and time! Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Planet Hulk? Uhh... that could be 2 different movies. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie. Planet Hulk movie. Thor and Loki team up, we already got that. Captain America and Falcon team up is happening... well at least for some of the movie.

Anyways, we need some solo movies.

  • Black Panther - That's an obvious. One of the first black superheroes and is pretty badass. He could definitely hold his own movie.
  • Carol Danvers - Show her as Ms. Marvel and have Mar-Vell in it. Introduce the Kree (if not introduced in GotG) as the villains. She then carries on Mar-Vell's legacy and becomes Captain Marvel! I'm pretty sure a female leading superhero film is in high demand.
  • Hawkeye - Hopefully with his larger role in Avengers, he will become a much more interesting character. Hawkeye has a pretty successful ongoing and can introduce other characters (Mockingbird, Kate Bishop). I'm hoping he doesn't die in Avengers 2, though.
  • Doctor Strange - I'm pretty sure this is going to happen. Doctor Strange can introduce a much deeper version of magic in the MCU.
  • Doctor Doom - Now that would be awesome. Have the film focus on a villain this time... unless they decide to do that with Loki. Either way, Doom is more interesting than Fantastic Four themselves. I'd rather have a Doom film than FF.
  • Silver Surfer - I'd say he is pretty badass and FF 2 destroyed his character. He needs justice. He is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel.

Here is your team up.

Cloak and Dagger - One of my favorite duos. Marvel just needs to give them their own ongoing. I think they could definitely carry their own film, if Marvel would actually give them the recognition they deserve.

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Silver Surfer , Midnight Sons , Black Panther , Moon Knight , Namor , Inhumans , Howard the Duck, Squadron Supreme , Mrs Marvel , Deathlok , Solo movies for Nick Fury , Hawkeye or Hulk

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