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I have always sean rape in storys as cheep wrigthing, from greek myth to "the girlfrend's in the refigerator's." That's what spoiled RED SONJA, bad wrigthing and acting spoiled the movie. Once A Hero, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (an over rated book), bougth books would have ben just as good with out the rape.

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How is rape cheap?

Is it because you don't have to pay?

I don't get it.

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He sees it as being shocking without really adding anything to the story. Which isn't true in my opinion.

I think we needed to see how badly The Motherf@#*er wanted to be a villain. He wants to be the ultimate bad ass assh**e and he goes to extreme lenghts to become a shitty evil person. The character himself wants to to be seen as evil and he wants that reputation quickly and badly.

They're leaving that stuff out of the movie so maybe you can check that out. I don't wanna see McLovin' giving "evil dick" to anyone.


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You're not gonna buy a great book because of one rape scene? It actually does add to the story, it's supposed to be darker and show how much Red Mist has changed between the books. Also it doesen't even show the rape scene by the way, there are a lot more graphic scenes in the book than that.

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Well Kick Ass 2 was not a good book anyway. I do not have a problem with a rape scene as long as it feels organic with a lot of build up instead of just having it for shock value for the sake of shock value.

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I am not going to judge you really. Even though the scene was thankfully not shown, Millar was really lazy and aiming for the shock value when he killed all those children. I can't possibly imagine this making into the movie adaptation.