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Hi guys!

I'm 18 Years old and recently bought a Comic, so that I would have something to do/read while riding the train (a 7 hour train) and because I hadn't had the money for a book I bought a comic. I loved it! It brought back some memories and I was hooked right from the beginning. In my childhood I had some X-Men, Simpsons, Futurama and Batman comics.

Now I consider going back to comics, but so much time has passed and I never really was an expert in the field of comics. I don't know where to start or what to read. I live in Switzerland, so it should be very difficult to get my hands on older comics( I don't really like digital ). Luckily some new series started just know. I hope you guys could give me some tips on what to read. I really love the X-Men Universe (Especially Wolverine and Deadpool (the darker style of him)) for its political aspect, I love the idea of Spiderman but the movies weren’t THAT great and I don't find his foes really cool. The new Superman movie was awesome but I would like a more vulnerable character. The comic should be dark and serious, but there can be funny moments in case of deadpool i love it. The Watchmen movie was epic and I love Sin City (but SC lacks of superpowers). By the way is Spawn still around?

I want a deep and mature story, not a shining hero that saves the world again and again.

If you can, please tell me what to read or which writers to follow.

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Deep mature story? You MUST pick up X-O Manowar and Harbinger. Those two comics are made by a publisher named Valiant; they are exceptional especially because the characters are heroes but they aren't the ideal heroes and are very unique. From Marvel I'm going to recommend Thor: God of Thunder. Those are the only books that I read that probably suit your tastes.

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For current comics, I'd recommend you pick up Thor: God of Thunder, TMNT (published by IDW), New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Aquaman, Savage Wolverine, and Avengers. X-O Manowar is great too.

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X men? Wolverine? Why would anyone want to read that crap? You seek guidance friend, time to convert.

You start with Batman Year One , next read "The man who laughs" and then "the long Halloween" These are all graphic novels and hence collected together and so you dont have to bother about collecting multiple issues.

Now you are ready for "Dark and mature." Read watchmen.

Time for some light, fun reads.Read All Star Superman. Warning:Several scenes are noted to make grown men shed a tear despite the "fun " premise

You want over the top 90s sex and violence? Preacher is the comic for you. About 60 issues and youll have the complete story.

In love with DC by now? Of course you will be.Now the entire company was rebooted in 2011 so its really easy for a new reader to jump in as only 20 issues have been released. Id advise you to pick up Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Justice League Dark, Superman Unchained, Batgirl, Batman and Robin

However you most probably would love to read more of the pre reboot DC Universe. Contact me once you are done with tthe first list

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Superman unchained features a more vulnerable superman, he got his ass kicked badly last issue

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Superman Unchained.

Action Comics 1-18

Nightwing from issue 19

Kick Ass

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Big thank you to the forum for the amazing responds. I instantly fell in love with this forum.

You guys are great! ^__^

So, what will it be? The chosen ones are....*Drumroll*


I'll start off with all the Batman graphic novels you suggested then I go on with All Star Superman (Please tell me if i can read this comic first, since it is my first ever superman comic or if I should start with "Birth right" or something else)

and then I’ll search for a good entry for Spiderman and X-Men.


What I’ll read someday for sure:

The new TMNT Comic, Sandman, Sin City, Watchmen + V for Vendetta (I Already saw the movie, doesn't that harm the experience?)


What I’m very interested in:

X-O Manowar, Justice Leauge


What left a good first impression:

Spawn, Harbinger, The Punisher, Thor: God of Thunder, 100 Bullets, Deadpool, Flash, Bloodshot

I'm not really sure about Preacher, but I can't tell why.

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You can read All Star Superman without reading anything before, although you'd like the story even more if you did.

If you're not sure about Preacher why not try Hitman by the same writer? It got fully collected a while back and it's fit what you're looking for. It's deep story that blends serious moments and comedic ones masterfully and it has superpowers from time to time.


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@ozmanictaiga: If you know absolutely nothing about Superman and his supporting cast you should start with Man of Steel by John Bryne which is a little dated for my liking. Personally I always thought the best way to start with Superman was the Animated Series in the 90s.

Spider-Man you should most definitely start with Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1.There are slight differences from the mainstream stories but this is by far the best introduction to the character.

Again with that stupid Wolverine. ...if you must, start with Grant Morrison's New Xmen.

Watching the movies in no way harms the experience of reading the books, if anything you appreciate how much better the book is

Sandman you absolutely most definitely should read at all costs.Dont let the terrible art discourage you.Sandman is widely accepted as the best comic run of all time

Preacher is funny , violent and blasphemous. If that offends you don't read it

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@ozmanictaiga: I very highly recommend you pick up the entire completed run of the original Uncanny X-Force written by Rick Remender. It is collected in 7 trade volumes. It definitely fits your description of dark, gritty, and mature, as well as X-Men including Wolverine and Deadpool. I think it is one of the all time great comic book runs.

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@captainhoopla said:

@ozmanictaiga: I very highly recommend you pick up the entire completed run of the original Uncanny X-Force written by Rick Remender. It is collected in 7 trade volumes. It definitely fits your description of dark, gritty, and mature, as well as X-Men including Wolverine and Deadpool. I think it is one of the all time great comic book runs.

Agree Remenders Uncanny X-Force is great! both deadpool and wolverine, dark and very well written. Also recommend Cable & Deadpool, this is my favorite series ever! Dark and serious for sure, and Deadpool is able to be funny while still seeming like a bad ass! LOTS of political and social issues embedded within cable & deadpool too which I loved being a sociologist.

Both these series are over right now, but they're pretty recent still.